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"These Ladies Mean Business" was an exciting time in real estate in the mid-80s, but the trenches are different in 2011, and as the business has changed, so has the way we buy and sell real estate. Dreams Realty, with our family team and cast of Realtors and agents, wants your business, and given our success in today's marketplace, I'm sure you'll want the Dreams Realty team representing your home buying and selling needs. Check us out -- we're for real!



Show me a guy - that's right, the male species - who works all day as a professional, makes good money, and goes home at night to play video games with his buddies instead of taking a few moments to call his girlfriend.  That guy, according to one of our young women realtors is a "Man-Child."Not ...
Interesting arrangement - the house was empty, tenants presumably gone, carpet and walls generally dirty, linoleum and tile mildly stained, rubbish strewn here and there, but not so terribly messy.This would be an easy trash out and uncomplicated preparation for listing.  A day earlier, Terry had...
"Yikes!!!!!!!!!!"  Terry ducked behind Sarah."Mom!!!!!!!!"  Sarah scooted from in front of Terry and ducked behind her mother.It wasn't that the two of them hadn't seen plenty of trash piled up before in the kitchen and family room of a foreclosure property, but it was the first time they witness...
Tee it high and let it fly!Time to tee-‘em up at one of the many Reno-Tahoe area fine golf courses!Real estate blogs - in fact - are about more than selling or buying real estate.  In fact, ours is about selling you...on us! You can use licensed real estate agents (we have some) to address your r...
Sell Your Home - Guaranteed!There's been a great deal of interest in our 120 Day Guaranteed Sales Program  and a lot of questions and listing action has come our way.  I'll be very up-front with you, this is a tough real estate market, yet when you put together the right agents, right buyers, and...

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