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"These Ladies Mean Business" was an exciting time in real estate in the mid-80s, but the trenches are different in 2011, and as the business has changed, so has the way we buy and sell real estate. Dreams Realty, with our family team and cast of Realtors and agents, wants your business, and given our success in today's marketplace, I'm sure you'll want the Dreams Realty team representing your home buying and selling needs. Check us out -- we're for real!



Lights, camera, action - then the Sheriff's Department phoned...How about this.  It was about 9:15 p.m. when Terry received a phone call from the Sheriff's Department:  "Ms. Rasner?" the caller asked."Yes, this is Terry Rasner."  "This is the County Sheriff's Department.  Do you have a vacant hou...
Ever had that gnawing feeling?You know how it goes, you've got this client (he sees himself as a big investor) and he's just moved to your area from another state.  He's a freelance kind of person, renting, and then he locates you.  He's sure you're going to find the perfect investment, easy-to-f...
The question posed was "Who are the noisiest voices accompanying foreclosures?" Although we have a little different conclusion about whose voices are actually the noisiest (and we'll give you are impression at the end of this article), Rich Kruse fired off an impressive list of voices in his resp...
No, this is not a companion peice to my Man-Child Farming, but it is nonetheless something to think about.  Let's do an analysis of not why two chickens crossed the road, but what they might have been thinking and saying while they were crossing."Duck!"  The taller and older chicken screamed to t...
Any realtor who has listed bank-owned properties knows the not-too-quiet voices of ????Any realtor who has dabbled in showing bank-owned properties knows the not-so-quiet voices of ????Any realtor who has toured bank-owned properties for his or her clients knows the not-so-quiet voices of ????Who...
"PRO PRO PER PLA" -- A CAUTIOUS BUYER'S MOTTO AND IT'S NOT LATINYes, that is the title of the blog we recently posted here on Active Rain, but now as a "Blue Color" Honoree at Julia Blog's latest carnival of real estate, we thought it might well be worth a "reminder" post.The color blue means a l...
You read that correctly, but it doesn't imply that the whole community opens their houses for sale or viewing.  Let me tell you about an aggressive, cost effective open house we did to sell a property in a fairly homogeneous community.  After we determined this was an ethnically rich community wi...
Or, the Bane of Existence for a Buyer's Agent...Or, as one of our consultants says, "Four Disorderly Steps to Reaching a Non-Decision!"So let's look at this so called Cautious Buyer's Motto:1.  PROcrastinate - The buyers want to see everything that's for sale in a certain price range; they're tal...

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