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Welcome to my Blog. Since 2003 the focus of our business has been helping homeowners avoid foreclosure. In our current economy, the best solution is often a short sale. Many lenders offer incentives, modifications include principal reductions - helping homeowners create strategies to overcome financial difficulties are our specialty. We are happy to help. If you have any questions about foreclosures, short sales, selling or buying a home - Just Call Wendy!



I can't remember ever writing a book review (not counting book reports in school) but "The 4-Hour Work Week" by Timothy Ferriss compels me to share.I can't really rave about the style of his writing and some chapters made it difficult to stay focused but his writing reminds the reader of a few fu...
By far the most frequent reason for missing mortgage payments is loss of income.  Whether the loss of income be the result of losing a job as a result of corporate downsizing or yet another effect of our current real estate crisis, the bottom line is the same:  reduced income = missed mortgage pa...
If you don't already know, P2P Lending is People-to-People lending...or borrowing.   P2P is also known as peer-to-peer.   The way it works is that people can borrow, or lend money without the involvement banks or credit cards, from other people.  Hence, people to people.As a lender, you invest in...
I have an idea I'd like to bounce of fellow AR'ers.I have a listing that is pre-foreclosure.  It will have to be a short sale as the house is upside down in value.Currently the house is listed at the BPO value but the house will not sell at that price.  Guaranteed.Here's my idea:I would hold a ps...
How much time do I have?  That is the most frequently asked question of me - it is the first question from most homeowners during the initial consultation.  Naturally, the answer to the question depends on the state in which you live.  There are judicial and non-judicial states - judicial foreclo...

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