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Welcome to my Blog. Since 2003 the focus of our business has been helping homeowners avoid foreclosure. In our current economy, the best solution is often a short sale. Many lenders offer incentives, modifications include principal reductions - helping homeowners create strategies to overcome financial difficulties are our specialty. We are happy to help. If you have any questions about foreclosures, short sales, selling or buying a home - Just Call Wendy!



Gee whiz, more depressing news about the housing market - I first heard it earlier today on CNN and then read the article in the NY Times.  According to the latest statistics, home prices continue to decline and there doesn't seem to be an end in the near future.  I haven't encountered any buyers...
Investor Sharks are everywhere and like roaches coming out in the dark, these sharks come out in droves whenever economic events or personal problems occur in which the sharks can take advantage.Investor Sharks typically attack the vulnerable - homeowners having financial difficulties, families t...
Here's the scenario: for whatever reason (illness, divorce, job loss, etc.) you are behind in your mortgage payments and are facing foreclosure.  The Notice of Default has been filed and suddenly there are strangers knocking on your door and calling at all hours of the day, not to mention your ma...
Hello all - last week I listened in on a webinar presented by a husband & wife team.  Usually webinars are very short on information, very long on hype.  But this one was different in that they actually shared REAL information.  As a seasoned short-saler most of the info was stuff I already but k...
Losing their home is not the only worry of homeowners facing foreclosure; they also face the consequences of  debt reduction (e.g. short sale, auction, note discount).  Short Sale savvy Realtors add clauses in the sales contract intended to mitigate the seller's exposure to additional liability r...
Lenders have been tightening their lending standards for over 18 months now.  First we saw the subprime mortgage market melt down (subprime are those borrowers with less than perfect credit).  Then, as the number of foreclosures continued to rise, there was even more tightening and the squeeze ex...
I was just going thru my emails and happened across this article - this tax code change is so desparately needed for the homeowners who have lost their home and wind up with an IRS tax bill - it looks as if it is limited to primary residence homeowners only which seems fair to me.  At least someo...
For many homeowners facing foreclosure or behind in payments, selling their home is not an option.    The Notice of Default and filing of foreclosure by the lender often serves as a wake up call for homeowners.  In my work of Foreclosure Assistance, more often then not, homeowners want to stop th...

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