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I'm really quite impressed with ll the new, imaginative technologies that are popping up all over to help reduce energy consumption and pollution. When people first started talking about going green, like most of you ... I was skeptical. I couldn't fathom how during this economic slump, people w...
This is simply too funny as I realized at 11:40pm that I hadn't written my daily "green" post so here it is (too busy blogging elsewhere). Fortunately in researching green roofs yesterday, I also found out folks are growing green walls and many of them are edible too. Here is a green, edible wall...
Someone commented earlier how brave I was to not only accept the challenge of blogging every day for 30 days, but to stick to one topic. At the time I thought I would simply explore all of the new and sometimes crazy "green phrases" that creative marketing folks are coming up with. Phrases like g...
Think about your kitchen and all the "stuff" you've tucked away under the kitchen sink. Now you've got something messy to clean and you start digging for the right cleaning solution, if you even know what it should be? In reality, there are 2 cleaning products you need most of the time and here a...
Sometimes our hearts overtake us and we have to leave logic behind to deal with what matters at the moment. Tonight is one of these moments where the only thing I can think about is a great friend who died suddenly. This post is a tribute to Marc Lumer ... a wonderful husband, father, mentor, bus...
Exploring the Go Green Movement What fun to join others on Active Rain in a 30 day challenge to blog each day, to improve our skills and learn more about how we can help others. I've been researching and writing about ... going green, so I decided it would be fun to see what happens when I blog a...
Communication still involves a human component that I'm often afraid is getting lost in our new technology world, especially by our kids. This article says it all ...With all the super fast gee whiz toys around us today able to zip text, email, YouTubes, PDF contract files, and all sorts of image...


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