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Not being a realtor, I have my routine for leaving my home ready for showings when it's on the market. I thought this list of tips was perfect, a nice blend of cleaning and what not to do when decorating, i.e. I absolutely agree with not wanting to see 4 different tile floors (same goes for carpe...
If you're a business owner, you talk about Google. Maybe you only use Google for searching the web but most business owners focus on increasing their visibility by sharing great content. Google PowerMeter Like all things Google, the PowerMeter tool is available online and it's free. Basically if ...
  I really like the way Scott has defined roles in blogging beyond the original author, and especially the commenter.I often encourage people just exploring whether they want to blog to pick a few to follow and start commenting ... and this will help them decide how much they want to get involved...
There's an industry known as Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG). A good example of a CPG company is Proctor and Gamble who owns well over 100 brands like Pampers )disposable diapers) and Tide (detergent). My story isn't about the product really. It's about the incredible waste involved in the packging...
This 30 in 30 challenge is just that, challenging. I'm usually asleep by 10pm and here it is after 1am and I'm just wrapping up my day (or yesterday). I made a commitment though and in many ways, that's the most important thing we have to give ... is our commitment so others can trust us.    ... ...


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