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Have you heard of the Prompt Notification of Short Sale Act? No, it’s not law yet, but if passed it would require lenders to respond to short sale requests within 75 days. It seems even Congress has figured out that short sale approvals take too long. And, the proposed law calls for a real respon...
Buried in President Obama’s $3.8 trillion budget for fiscal year 2013 is an important item for anyone connected to the real estate industry (which includes everyone, unless you live in a van): The President wants to extend the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007, which is set to expire a...
Some 4 million Americans expect to propose — or be proposed to — over Valentine’s Day, according to the recent American Express Spending & Saving Tracker survey. But how many of them will talk finances before they walk down the aisle? Probably just a handful, even though it’s far more important t...
Refi madness is sweeping the nation. With the recent expansion of the federal government’s Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP), banks have been deluged with phone calls requesting information. Call volume at Bank of America has been so high that they’ve had to refer requests to a “reservatio...
According to a HousingWire article by Jon Prior, Freddie Mac intends to increase short sale incentives soon—though it doesn’t specify by how much, or to whom. That’s still good news, and may indicate that the GSE giant is seeing the effectiveness of short sale incentive programs initiated by serv...
Yes, home prices are still going down, but not in the areas we’ve come to associate with the housing bust. Now, it’s the Midwest that’s experiencing the worst of the slump, while places like Phoenix and Orlando are actually seeing price increases. That’s the surprising news imbedded in Clear Capi...
Many homeowners know they need to sell, but they’re hoping to regain some equity first. If home prices just picked up a little, the reasoning goes, they could exit with some cash in their pockets—like in the good old days of ’04 and ‘05. It’s an empty dream, according to figures from the industry...

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