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Fraudulent Bank of America Short Sale Letters Bank of America has notified the national underwriters that a short sale scam is being perpetrated involving properties on which Bank of America is the holder of a note secured by a mortgage or deed of trust. In its letter Bank of America has indicate...
Where is the housing market headed? Ask three experts and you’ll get at least four opinions. The pessimists at Fannie Mae don’t see prices hitting bottom till 2013, based on the weak economy. Over at the National Association of Realtors (NAR), Chief Economist Lawrence Yun says that as of April, “...
The latest report from the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) highlights what many observers have been emphasizing for years: Short sales are better than foreclosures for many reasons, not least because they help shore up neighborhood home values. In its April, 2012 Confidence Index Report, ...
On Tuesday, FHFA Acting Director Edward DeMarco spoke before a symposium of the National Association of Realtors. He used the opportunity to tout the successes of the Enterprises he oversees (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) in helping 2.2 million distressed homeowners avoid foreclosure. And he summar...
A few months ago, we posted a piece on the pernicious proliferation of acronyms in the real estate sphere. Since then, things have only gotten worse. Can you explain the differences between FHA, FHFA, FHFB, FHLB, and HHF? How about MHA, CFPB, PRA, HAMP, HAFA, HUD, UP and HDTAGIT? It’s out of cont...
Edward Demarco has been under a lot of pressure lately. To hear some people tell it, the acting head of the Federal Housing Finance Agency is the only person standing in the way of a full housing recovery. A consensus has been emerging among some observers that principal write-downs must be part ...
If you’ve been following the evolution of the federal government’s HAFA program, you’ve noticed a steady widening of the eligibility guidelines. That’s not an accident. In its original form the program failed to meet the lofty expectations placed on it by lawmakers, pundits and industry professio...
The HAFA short sale program was sensibly crafted to reach a specific segment of borrowers. But, along with the rest of HAMP, it has failed to achieve the numbers expected. So, Treasury has thrown the doors open wide with Supplemental Directive 12-02, removing obstacles and expanding the pool of p...
Bank of America StandardizedThird-Party Authorization Form   Previously, Bank of America accepted Third-Party Authorization forms in differing formats and from a variety of sources when transacting a short sale. Recognizing a need for greater compliance and consistency with this important documen...
          Alicia Keys stairs     Where are Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys headed now that their SoHo stunner has hit the market? SOURCE: Vibe Forget about moving on up. Singer and New ...

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