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Anything and everything regarding Real Estate: a blog dedicated to emerging technology trends in hardware, webware, software, marketing, market conditions and more.



Hmmm, welcome to the new world. Since when is this business based on your phone ringing? Ask yourself these 16 questions: 1. Do I have a database of all past and potential clients in a true contact management system? 2. Am I blogging and using social media to reach new clients? 3. Am I using or r...
Hi. I am Josh Simpson. I am coming to you from the CAR Convention 2008 here at the Broadmoor Hotel. I am with Hillside Software like I mentioned. We have real estate software products, like Virtual Office and HomeCards. We are releasing a new real estate product, a new version of Virtual Office ...
BrokerIPTV: We are at San Francisco at Inman Real Estate Connect 2008 and I have the privilege to be with Merlin Mann and Merlin was the introductory speaker today and he was talking about basically how to declutter[phonetic] our digital mess that we are in is personal slaves to our devices and ...
Hon. James David Manning, PhD preaches about Obama'a mama, grandmama, Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezco, William Ayers, and more in the message called "God Save America" preached on Saturday, 18 October 2008.
  ...of You and I and our personal rights and liberties as SOVEREIGN Human Beings.  Welcome to Fascism with a smile! Goodie-Goodie the Dems are so happy as the evil Republicans are going to be defeated.  So once again, the American Sheeple have bought into the Lesser of Two Evils.   Great, lets s...
How many men? Taxation is theft.  Taxation is slavery. Lets look at the example of a man stealing a car.  Most people would regard this act as unethical.   However,  with the new found success at car theft,  the aggressor changes from one man, to a gang of five men, to a gang of ten men who take ...
That's code talk for "you are screwed and a number of my advisers and friends are set for life".  Below are four links that can bring you to become enlightened vs. a misguided little media sheep.Hmm, one hundred years since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.  Looks like we ran out of suckers at the...
There is no question that Active Rain can play a HUGE part in lead gen for real estate brokers.  I resyndicate my videos and blog posts in numours my and blogs.  What I have found, is just as Chris has stated,  is that the page rank of A...
BrokerIPTV: Today we are talking with Robb Robichaud, the general manager of AGS Construction and Robb, thanks for being with us. Robb Robichaud: Oh, it is a pleasure. Thank you. BrokerIPTV: Talking about one of my favorite topics, stucco, EFIS and so forth, I keep seeing... I keep getting these...
BrokerIPTV: Today we are talking with Ron Stadham, the owner and operator of Front Range Radon and Ron, thanks for being with us. Glad you are here. Ron Stadham: Thank you Dan for having me. BrokerIPTV: You know lot of people when I first got in the business, I didn't know what radon is, where i...

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Anything and everything regarding Real Estate: a blog dedicated to emerging technology trends in hardware, webware, software, marketing, market conditions and more.