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Mark Eibner
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Get to Know Mark Eibner

Real World Experience: Full time for 35 years,

Five administrations, three recessions and

over 2500 Real Estate transactions!

Ahead of the Technology Curve

Mark Eibner likes being on the edge-the cutting edge. He is technologically progressive and savvy to a fault, and his intense personality is perfect for the lightning fast world of business in the 21st century. Mark matches 30 years of real-estate, sales, marketing, and training experience with a persistent drive to find innovative ways to use technology to grow businesses, and the results are astounding.


There is never a dull moment in Mark's world. He has co-founded not one, but four-separate businesses in Colorado:


  • Metro Brokers Reality Oasis-a residential real estate company that has been in business since 1990.
  • SMART Real Estate Office Network-an staffing and technology organization that provides back office systems for three real estate offices.
  • Meridian Title and Escrow, LLC-an AFBA, broker-owned title insurance company.
  • ValueBuilder -  is the pioneer and leader in shared-profit renovation services.


Mark Eibner thrives in this crazy, exciting environment. He believes there are just too many great ideas and businesses out there to let down his intensity. The markets are just now catching up with tools Mark has been using for years, but he hasn't rested on his success. Mark is already on to bigger and better projects. He likes the view ahead of the technology curve.

Discover the Power

Mark is dedicated to immersing people in new ways of doing business. He is driven to share his knowledge with others-to watch the light come on as they discover the power of the Internet and technology.


How did he get where he is today? Mark's achievement is a direct result of graduating from the School of Hard Knocks. (Sure, he attended Montana State University back in the early eighties, but a degree in Exercise Physiology has very little to do with his business ventures today.)


Mark honed his skills in the trenches of sales, marketing, and real estate. He has tallied numerous failures and even more successes, and they all culminate into a powerful formula that he passes on to students in his training courses. Mark uses the technology and products he promotes every day-both in his businesses and in his personal life. He is not removed from the digital marketplace. Mark is right in the middle of it, igniting change and persistently striving for new levels of success.


Mark Eibner understands one other very important concept-face-to-face contact. Technology can sometimes be a tool that isolates individuals, but Mark takes the opposite approach. His training courses are set up so that he can work one-on-one with students.  A personal, hands-on approach to learning is clearly the most effective way to navigate through the complex digital world.

Work is Play

For an entrepreneur like Mark, work is play. His businesses fuel a passion for constantly opening his mind to new possibilities in the world of technology and beyond. Every time he thinks he has hit maximum threshold, Mark takes it one step further. When he's not teaching or looking at a new real estate property, he's working on his own home improvement projects, reading, weight training, or spending time with his family. Every moment is an opportunity to learn something new.


Mark's wife of 35+ years, Alison, is also an important key to his success. She is a partner in all of his ventures, and he couldn't survive without her support and guidance. They are quite proud of their 20-year-old son, Alexander-a wonderful person who finds humor in life and always keeps them smiling.  They are pleased that not only is Alexander attending Coloraso State universty full time, but that he also works full time for their own SMART office network.  The family is complete with two spunky Jack Russell "terrors" named Jack and Abby.









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I'm a "realist" Real Estate broker learning from the past and accepting our future and always seeking the truth.28 years in the trenches and over 2500+ transactions. If I can be reached @720-217-5877