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MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND PROGRAMS AT LAKE ANNA STATE PARK   05/29/2010    Panning For Gold   1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.   Try your hand at panning for gold as park interpreter gives a panning demonstration. Register the day of program at the visitor center. FREE    Location - Meet at the park's visitor ce...
Who says you can't take a break in real estate? The other day I read a blog and I do not remember who wrote it but it dealt with REALTORS taking time off. It was not addressing a day off now and then or even four or five days. It was referring to "vacations" of longer length. The premise was that...
Lake Anna, VA is moving right along.  Progress is being made on the new commercial building going up along the shores of Lake Anna. Before we know it we will have not one but two new restaurants within an easy drive from our homes.  Those living in the townhouses right by our new "skyscraper" wil...
Activer Rain University Library...doors open when??? Hopefully many of you have taken advantage of the webinars offered through our very own Active Rain University.  Perhaps some of you are like me, you sign up for a particular class with full intentions of attending and then something changes.  ...
Is being smart the only thing that matters?  Evidently that is what some believe.  So what is wrong with being smart???  Being smart and studying hard are commendable things to have going for you...I believe this without a doubt.  But is it everything? It's interesting to see which group is given...
Phone you always answer immediately?  I believe most of us really try to do this whether it is a potential client, another agent, or any of the many calls we receive dealing with our real estate business. Realizing this I am seriously thinking of sharing the following with all prospect...
In reading some of the posts from self-described workaholics or REALAHOLICS as they call themselves they often talk about how they love their work.  In fact, it no longer is called work by many.  It is their life. I enjoy real estate.  I've been doing it for many years.  Why?  Well, the income I ...
There are times we become very close to someone although we have never set eyes on them.  Carole was such a person to me and to countless others here in the Rain.  I am so saddened by the news of her passing.  I treasured the posts that Carole shared with us and read many of them as one of her a...
Hi Newcomer...Welcome to Active Rain.  There are so many benefits to being a member.  One is that there are some posts that will help you learn how search engine optimization (SEO) works. Active Rain is made up of many groups including groups that post mostly about specific things such as SEO.  P...
I found a couple of sites here that may be very useful for me and thought that others might find them of interest too.  Christine has thoughtfully shared these tips with us.  Hope you find them useful also. Anyone going to the D.C. RainCamp in June?  I am! Ben's Tech Tools and Websites from Rain...

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smartphone(540) 226-1964
smartphone(540) 226-1964
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