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In life as in real estate it pays to think outside the box.  There are unexpected rewards when you do something out of the ordinary.  Unfortunately in real estate it is a little harder to think of things that almost every other REALTOR does not do.  It is a little easier in life. One of the thing...
All it takes is a little sunshine, a bit of warmer weather and before you know it it's time to get out on the water.  Perhaps the goal is to catch some fish or maybe to take a shortcut across the lake to visit friends.  Whatever the reason, and in fact for no reason at all, it is a wonderful time...
I really do like helping other agents but................not so much when I believe they are not acting in the best interest of their client. Recently I received a call from an agent several counties away from Lake Anna.  She asked for my help in sending her the listing on a small log cabin that ...
  Fortunately we do not have accompanied showings in my area.  However, I still found the following post to be very interesting.  Many of the comments were also. I'm going to disable comments as I'm hoping you will go to Bill's blog and comment there.  Thanks.   ORIGINAL SOURCE: Holliston MA Real...
This afternoon I got another glimpse of the "skyscraper" currently under construction on the shores of Lake Anna.   Even though it was cloudy, when I saw the progress it was proof that that there's always a ray of sunshine. We have a country lifestyle here and this will be a bit of a change for u...
One of real estate's friends. Just this week I wrote a post about real estate and liking people.  It was a follow up to a post written by another member saying that it was not necessary. Necessary or not, I am glad I least for the most part.  No, I do not end up liking ever...
Simply spring.  That's why I thought I would share these with you.  They are close-ups as I really like the look of individual azalea blossoms and they are often lost in the overwhelming numbers on each and every bush. Azaleas come in such stunning colors.  This shade is among my favorites. Hope ...
You don't have to like people or enjoy showing houses to be successful.  REALLY? This was the topic of a featured post today. Thankfully I do not believe that.  If I did not like people and if I did not enjoy showing them properties I would not be a REALTOR®.  Why would I be?  I could sell someth...
Please don't do this to me.  I was meant to be a free spirit.  Do not clip me to look like something I was never meant to be.  You have managed to take my natural beauty and trim it to the point my ability to grow is revoked, my blossoms are stunted, and my gracefulness diminished. This is the wa...
Communication, communication, location, it is vital in real estate. A recent post made me think of how important it is for us to have good communication with our clients.  We are often reminded how important it is for us to keep in communication with our sellers so they are a...

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