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The following post compares the accuracy of most sites on the internet compared with the information available to Realtors® on sales.  Realtors® continue to be the best source of current information.The question below was asked by an agent who was actually trying to put his sold comparable into t...
With pride for a fellow Active Rain member I am so happy to spread the word Lola Audu installation as President of the Grand Rapids Association of Realtors®.  Please let Lola know (on her post) how proud you are too. This morning, the Grand Rapids Association of Realtors® installed new leadership...
  Learn from the Master and you can't go wrong.  If this works for Lenn, we can make it work for us.  Here's to even more success and happiness in 2011.   TIME TO LOOK AT THE 2010 BUSINESS PLAN.  MMMM.  TIME TO COOK UP A NEW AND EXCITING BUSINESS PLAN FOR 2011. ARE YOU GOING TO ACT OR REACT to th...
Are Your Plans for a Home at Lake Anna on Hold for the Holidays?  With all the shopping and preparations involved in getting ready for Christmas and New Years there's little time to think of other things.  Even things that are as exciting as a new home at Lake Anna. Once the holidays are behind u...
Today was a very pretty sunny day at Lake Anna.  There's still snow covering the ground so looking out from our sunroom we could see the contrast with the blue water and the deep blue sky.  Nevertheless I was in the mood for looking at some pictures I had taken last spring down in Williamsburg.  ...
Do you Bookmark or E-mail Active Rain blogs that interest you?  I've been on Active Rain for a bit over three years and I have way too many bookmarked blogs.  What do I do with them?  I ignore them.  Yes, that's sad to say but it is exactly what I do. I have way too many bookmarks and absolutely ...
These are not all of the myths about real estate and real estate agents but it does point out some of the most common ones.Common Myths About Real Estate Agents Ask anyone about their experiences with real estate agents, and you will no doubt hear a wide variety of responses.  There are so many m...
What Does a LOCAL SPECIALIST Provide the BUYER? Sometimes MORE than You Think.  When I was an agent in Northern Virginia I would have been at a loss to work with a buyer looking for property here at Lake Anna.  At the time I may not have known that but I sure do now.  Why now?  Because Lake Anna ...
My Kodak Moment...Determination and Hope in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  There's no denying that the devastation caused by Hurrican Katrina in 2005 was monumental.  What was wonderful was the perserverance shown by so many not only in the efforts to clean up the destruction but to plan fo...
It's great when buyers are experienced enough to recognize value on their own.  When they are not this is a great reminder of what we, as buyer agents, can bring to their attention.  We're in a position to be less emotional about the process and can point out how they can make a decision that wi...

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smartphone(540) 226-1964
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