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Brandon Patton is the Designated Broker/Owner if Real Estate Market Leaders located in Richland Washington. He specializes in Tri Cities Homes for Sale.
Buying new or buying a pre lived in home Today's market is tricky for Realtors in Tri Cities Washington. Today I received a phone call for from a couple that is interested in selling their home. They are asking 184,000 for their home FSBO. Well, I looked up the county records and found that they ...
The Tri Cities Assocation of Realtors president made this statement in the news today! Click here to watch the video!
Internet Web Development and SEO I am catching onto some of the concepts of good SEO and Web development. The first step is to look at the source codes within your web pages and see how they are getting indexed to Google. The next step is to look at your URL's as you navigate through your web pag...
I want to learn how to control my source codes within my web development! My question is how can I tweak my source codes to show better SEO results? I have pasted in my source cods for my web page I would like a good peer review for some help. Please tear apart the source codes and let me know wh...
So I am looking at long term goals for web marketing. I would like some feedback on the best Real Estate platform and the best web pages availible. I am not talking about what is affordable, I am talking about what is the best? I have looked into Webmasters, I house Elite, IDX Broker and a bunch ...
Does that fact that you are a Veteran of Foreign war have any bearing on HUD contract if you are trying to be a HUD listing agent? Continued Relevance of Veterans' Preferences Congress has taken many opportunities to adjust veterans' preferences since 1944, but the basic program remains in place....
Why do so many people choose to set up a team within a brokers real estate office? It seems logical that if you have to have a managing brokers license to set up a team then you would be better off creating your own office. Instead, many successful agents keep building teams within an office, I d...
Saving for Retirement There is primarily two different paths that can be taken to saving for retirement. The first path would be to try to pay off all of your debt then start saving money. The second path would be to save up enough money to put 20% down on a 4 plex then buy an investment property...
So I live in a community that is getting ready to go through a huge lay off from one of our biggest employers. They are saying that 1800 people are getting laid off. I was thinking about this and thought it was interesting because these are private sector jobs that are contracted by the Federal G...
According to CNN Money and Robert Shiller (Yale economist) right know is not a good time to buy. So, even though those are some big reputable sources with a powerful bunch I will have to say that I disagree with their opinions. They are trying to say that that the housing market is going to drop ...


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