Gillespie Park (Sarasota, FL)
By The Keith Kropp and Wayne Rogers Team, Nowhere But Here
(Michael Saunders & Company)
The Gillespie Park Revival - Sarasota's Newest Older Community.  Every city or town seems to have a neighborhood or two that time seems to have forgotten.  It's a neighborhood that may have been very popular at one time, then slowly declined and fell out of favor until was almost forgotten.  Gillespie Park may be just such a neighborhood.  However, today Gillespie Park is buzzing with excitement. Gillespie Park is named for John Hamilton Gillespie and was designated at an experimental farm in 1886, but the land never proved very productive for crops and was platted as a city subdivision in 1917. Today Gillespie Park has approximately 500 homes.  The Gillespie Park neighborhood includes the area bounded by Fruitville Road on the south, Washington Boulevard on the east, 10th Street on th...
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