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This is one clever squirrel who is not going to give up on getting dinner. Even if they are sunflower seeds that are intended for the birds.Using his best upside down, cling to the tree circus act, he would not give up. After about 30 minutes, he managed to get the "Hang" of it.      
  My grandson Rylan Kuhn (who's nickname just happens to be Kuhn DOG). My Beagle Dexter, my shepherd Montana (both rescue dogs), along with my daughter's 2 shepherds ,Cassie & Midnight. Everyone is wore out from playing. But I know, No one is breaking in tonight ! Definitely dogs everywhere. Phot...
Just got back from a trip to Arizona, Enjoyed taking in the Grand Canyon & I must say,they got the name right. The enormity of this place is breath taking. If you ever get the chance to visit, don't pass it by. It is truly one of the 7 wonders of the world.  
      The scrutiny of your bank statements that will take place by the Underwriter when you apply for a mortgage is much more thorough than in years past. Used to be, lenders only cared about your balance and if you had adequate funds to close, but today they will analyze every transfer, every de...
If you are like most home buyers who begin their Warsaw, Indiana home search, you start by deciding “How much house” you can afford on a monthly payment basis. Once you have arrived at that figure, you can then calculate how much the overall price needs to be in order to stay within budget. Unles...
The USDA Rural Housing Loan has always been a great way for young buyers to get into a home. But over the last year this loan program has become a lengthy process timewise. Standard procedure for a USDA would be that we (Ruoff the Lender) would underwrite and approve a USDA mortgage loan for a cl...
Did you know that the fifth largest rain forest in the world is located in Alaska? The Tongass rain forest(17 million acres) is located in the vicinity of Ketchikan which gets average annual rain fall of 12.5 FEET! Here's the 2 story rain gauge that the downtown area has erected. We were there in...
Just when I thought that mortgage lending couldn't get anymore stressful and cluttered with Freddie & Fannie guidelines, bank overlays, MI companies & the government red tape. I just finished a whole new round of mandatory training for government compliance. SAR - Suspicious Activity Report AML -...
Having just finished another hectic cramming to get closings done for the end of the month made me pause to reflect on the scheduling of closings. Like with everyone else, when you have double the amount of closings on a particular day than average, everything is last second and everyone is calli...
On a recent visit to Yellowstone, as we came into the park from the northeastern entry very early in the morning. I came around a curve traveling at about 40 mph to encounter this guy strolling in the middle of the road. I was able to get stopped about 20 feet in front of him,glad we were not tra...

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