Sol Vista (Huntington Beach, CA)
By Alan Cirson
(Platinum Real Estate Group - Huntington Beach)
Well it is getting better little by little we are making more victories on the front lines. Mortgage Loan Modifications are getting approved at a much faster rate. Refinance money seems to be available once again at a more reasonable interest rate. However the negative thing is we are seeing more lenders closing the door on 10% down programs as the PMI companies can no longer afford to offer Mortgage Insurance for borrowers high risk high LTV loans. So if you need a low down it is best to research FHA LOAN options and try your luck there. Short Sales are creeping back in the spotlight as more and more Loan Modificaiton cadidates are reserving their rights to a Short Sale Sales Transaction. I think the Obama Plan is actually working, amen and God Bless America.
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