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Let us be your undercover Angels

           In business since 1997

  In an apathetic world.....Our crew understands the importance of reliable, trust worthy,honest service.

   Our team will do all in it's power to get the job done the way you ordered.     We know the feeling of not being able to have a stress free day with added peace of mind.

 Whether it deals with inspection, filing, retrieval, research, process, or mobile notary, it is imperative to you, your firm and your clients that the work be done properly and expediently the 1st time and every time with your best interest in mind . We take your business personally. We have to.  We serve a much more higher court.

  That is why the Trans-American Court Services Team can deliver reliable, trustworthy and honest service.  Because of this, we have achieved a very high industry success rate in executing the job the way you order!   We deliver results not excuses.

If it is not listed, and you need it done, we can do it! And as a courtesy if we can't do it, we will help finding someone, for you who can.

We also serve any other area you need.  We just have to charge a 55¢mileagefee....Sorry!

"No man is an Island, no man stands alone. Each mans joy is joy to me. Each mans grief is my own. Let's love one another. One man as my brother. One man as my friend"

  Whenever you call, you will be dealing with trained personnel,  who are ready to provide you with 24 hour service. That is the advantage of a fully staffed office. When we are off-duty, we are On-Duty!  Try us. You will love our smooth, efficient, and effective service.   You will never have to talk to an answering machine.  We are always here for you.  (unless a we are in danger of breaking our cover.  In that case you can reach one of us on our cell.)

We have covered all your bases! Our reputation makes your reputation SHINE


We do it all, and if you find something we don't do , we will find you someone who will fill your needs. In this business it is important to be a people person.  I have worked at the State Hospital, owned the first 24/7 Baby Sitting center that taught children and had been a Bartender, cocktail waitress and delivered babies at home(700).  Now, if you can deal with gotta love people.  :)

Then we can say, "So you also, when you have obeyed all the orders as commanded,you say, 'We are unworthy slaves,we have done only that which we ought to have done.(We have done our duty)Luke 17:10 No excuses...just results.

We have to do it right because we have a much higher court overseeing our job.


Site Inspections, Survey, Filing, Typing, Process Serving, Courier Services, Document Retrieval, Eviction, Foreclosure posting, Criminal Searches or anything you or anything you need (Except Windows)