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As Professionals with a finger on the pulse of Real Estate, REALTORS CAN make a difference fighting Foreclosure and Evictions, for their clients, AND make money while doing it. Most people do not know where to start when they are facing foreclosure and eviction. They FREEZE WTIH FEAR when, in fact, they need help more than ever before. 

It is our job to enlighten them, empower them and give them back control of their situation. YOU, as their REALTOR and soon to be HERO, can help them and make money while you are doing it. We know the system and where we can help fight with real tools, loopholes, laws and tenacity to fight lenders in the real arena to STOP THEM from ruining yet another Borrower and their American Dream.



With more than 40 plus years in Real Estate, we were stunned when our current market fell apart. We have studied the current banking system and how they are ripping off the American people and we've found answers that work. Check our record and know, we are making a difference, one case at a time. Lenders are paying attention to our success and know we are a force to be reckoned with. In addition, some of our team members have experienced it themselves and have won the battle personally. That gives us a deep empathy and understanding of the devestation lenders have put upon the American people. We have the knowledge, tenacity and reputation to help others fight Foreclosure and Eviction.

We know that REALTORS are touching the American people every day and want to help them. They also want to make money in their own career while doing so. We are here to help that come true.  


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