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Get to Know Scott Mosher

Greetings from the magnificent White Mountains of New Hampshire! My name is Scott, and one of my most pressing desires is simply to share our spectacular, 4-season home with the world, whether for a weekend getaway, a season's retreat, or a lifetime! As one of the many (perhaps majority) of those commonly referred to as "transplant locals", it is with greatest of pride that I boast just how phenomenal it is living here! In fact, allow me this opportunity to describe for you some of the finer points of this true splendor we call home.

What initially attracts people to our area is the fact that it offers a multitude of small-town communities with quick-n-easy access to New Hampshire's major interstate (I-93). Towns like Lincoln/Woodstock (Linwood), Thornton, Campton, and Waterville Valley are each just off the beaten path. It's not that difficult to imagine really, since you've all read about a place just like this somewhere along the lines: the romance of a quaint, picture-perfect New England postcard village, reminiscent of a Currier & Ives scene. What keeps 'em comin' back though - with several "visitors" deciding to plant permanent roots - is the endless array of events and attractions available year-'round! For example...

There's skiing at Loon Mountain, one of New England's premier resorts, along with endless miles of snowmobile trails, paintball, ziplines, moose tours, horseback-riding, an abundance of exquisite dining options, and fireside chats with friends and loved-ones. Considering that Mother-Nature has a tendency to flaunt her beauty for extended periods here in northern New England, our only natural-disaster related concern is that of Cabin-Fever. As such, a large percentage of the year-round community makes a concerted effort to remain active, as well as catering to our immense tourism-base, thus the abundance of 4-season activities.

Of course, the change of seasons is yet another attribute, in and of itself, that attracts both travelers and soon-to-be locals alike to the area. For example, as summer approaches, we leave the roaring fireside for the rolling riverside, spending every available minute on the water! Be it swimming, kayaking or canoeing, our beloved, naturally spring-fed Pemigewassett River emerges as a favorite to locals and travelers alike! Not partial to the water? Not to worry, as there's plenty more to do (hiking, mountain biking, rock-climbing, exploring caves, etc) ... the list is absolutely limitless!

We welcome any and all with open arms to come for a visit. Seriously, come on out, experience your own favorite season and/or event, and write your own version of this story. Careful though, that's how a lot of us got hooked (oh yeah, almost forgot to mention ... there's plentiful fishing at one of the many local "fishin' holes" too!). Of course, let's not forget the canvas our dear Mother-Nature paints for us during our nationally-acclaimed Foliage Season either. Did we mention the fact that our home is right along the Kancamagus Scenic Byway (the "Kanc" for short)? As 1 of just 10 federally-designated byways in America, the vibrancy of Fall attracts "leaf-peepers" from around the Globe!

Now, let's fast-forward to what's brought me here, what's enabled me to share these experiences with you and network with each of you in this way, and how those experiences have made me worthy of your time, friendship, and respect...


Spent just shy of a decade outside of Washington DC, honing my skills in the Travel & Tourism/Hospitality Industry. Initially intended as a part-time college job, that people-oriented and Customer-Service position - begun nearly 20 years ago - has since grown into a career that I am absolutely passionate about! When a local resort presented me with the opportunity to become a licensed Realtor (August of '04) - and w/my having already been considering that very move - it just made sense! Adding to my resume the fact that I provide Lifetime Lodging arrangements - in addition to already catering to guest needs in my community - has proven to be the most enjoyable, smooth, and natural progression of my entire career. Whether referred to as guests, customers or clients, we must never take for granted that - while fulfilling that want, that need, that DREAM - we are performing the duties of the GREATEST JOB IN THE WORLD!

Throughout my own professional career, I have made every attempt to live by the words of a wise man who is very near and dear to my heart: "Remember son, an intelligent man doesn't necessarily know all of the answers, but knows where to find them". This has become a mantra, of sorts, to me. Over time, I have found that many of my most precious relationships - whether personal, professional, or a combination thereof - are instantly receptive to the honesty projected by this satement. Case & Point:

Although many of us perform our duties as "Independent Contractors", few can actually provide the entire spectrum of full services that our customers not only expect, but DESERVE without the assistance of other professionals within our industry ... specifically those possessing the answers we seek on behalf of our customers. We all know that real estate is a "local" business, and I couldn't be prouder - nor more humbled - than when I have been chosen to play an integral part in locating that end result, that ideal, "the one" ... right alongside of my customer! Equally-important, however, are our customers feelings throughout the entire process. We must always, always remember that the journey in most - or at least, in many - cases is as important to our customers as the destination. As I progress through the natural "morphing-process" required of our chosen profession (ie: information-gatherer to coordinator to faciliatator), I am continually overseeing - and, in a sense, "nurturing" - in order to help further emphasize that feeling of home and family. With the help of my fellow practitioners, appraisers, inspectors, lenders, and other professionals involved, we - without fail - become a sort of "extended family" to each and every one of my customers.

We're all familiar with the phrase "With privilege comes responsibility", but I'd like to add to that. As a REALTOR, I am not only privileged, but humbled and honored to share in what, for many, is truly the single-most spectacular event in their lives. To have been asked to guide them along their path to homeownership and - in the overwhelming majority of cases, develop a lifelong friendship in the process - that's a responsibility that I am not only trained and equipped for, but proud and happy to accept!

I assure each and every one of you that I have been, and will continue to be, there for the duration - from start to finish - knowing that our rewards are well worth any challenges that we will, undoubtedly, face together along the way. Call it what you will but, as the screen-saver on my computer reminds me daily:

"Every adversity bears the seed of an equal or greater benefit".

I hope to have the opportunity to share in this experience with you one day, whether by the "fast-track" or "The Road Less Traveled".


Covering the Magnificent White Mountains of New Hampshire, from Loon to Waterville and beyond; let me help you to make our beloved home yours too, right here in New England's Vacation Playground!