Mike Smela Infinite Banker (Hurricane Financial - NFI Agency)

1909 Hunters Ridge Drive

Bloomfield Hills , MI 48304

20 year financial educator, author and speaker. Grow and control money with zero risk by becoming your own private banking system. Increase your income and referrals by helping clients do the same.

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Learn to become your own private banking system.  Recapture principal and interest paid out to banks, lenders and creditors over your lifetime, back into your own pocket.  Create one account that acts as your emergency fund, your own financing pool, and your retirement account, growing larger every year with no market risk.  Control all aspects of money to create long term wealth, with virtually zero risk. Seperate yourself further from the competition.  Learn to team and integrate this into your core business.  Whether as a synergy partner or referral agent, you will generate additional income and referrals by introducing this powerful financial strategy to your clients.  Call Mike Smela at (248) 705-4456 to arrange a time to learn more.  I counsel professionals nationwide.  



Imagine the additional referrals and income you will generate by introducing your existing and prospective clients to a lifetime financial system that generates: -Safety: No market risk and No risk of loss to principal -Certainty: Contractual, guaranteed, on-going growth. Know your money's future value before you begin. -Liquidity: Your money is accessible with no penalties or restrictions at any time. -Tax advantaged: Money grows income tax deferred and comes out income tax FREE. -Protection: Lawsuit, judgment, and creditor proof (state specific). -Recapture lost principal and interest normally paid to banks and lenders. -Multigenerational: Pass easily to your heirs. -Security: 5000 year old business model, powered by a 200 year old financial vehicle. -Control, Control, Control: YOU create and maintain a lifetime of financial control.

Call Mike Smela at (248) 705-4456 to arrange a time to learn more.  I counsel professionals nationwide.

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