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495 Ave P

Brooklyn , NY 11223

Specializing in commercial, retail, office space, and investment properties in Brooklyn NY. Referral fee:10%

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   I have been involved in many facets of the Real Estate industry since 1975.   Both of my parents were Real Estate agents (Century 21) for over 25 years, and I started investing with them and in my own properties early on.    I have been involved in many construction projects, and know the bussiness from the bottom up.  Literally.   I have also studied design and architecture and have a love for landscape and interesting buildings.   Besides Real Estate, I have worked in other industries over the years, making me a well-rounded (not just in shape) person.   I have more people-experince than your average Joe. Even your not-average one.   Growing up in California, then spending nine years in beautiful Iowa, did not do much to prepare me for life in Brooklyn.   Only living here can really do that.  I live and work in Brooklyn NY since 2004, where my great collection of skills and talents are being put to good use.   Mostly, I enjoy what I am doing, and am good at it ( so my clients confirm by repeat bussiness).   I speak a couple of languages, which is helpful (Spanish , Hebrew) and have a very good eye for potential use of properties.   All my design training comes in handy for this part.   And, I am certified in CPR , helpful for those moments when deals of such great magnitude are found.  My sense of humor and positive attitude do make my work easier, at least for me.   If you find yourself in the area (no small thing, mind you) and would like some good pointers for some things to do, send me an e-mail, I'll share with you what I have found. If youu have any referrals for commercial stuff, most certainly send them my way (email me and let me know, so I can be prepared).   I will thankfully share any profits from your referral to the tune of 10%, and send you back referrals for your area.

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