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Edward Cooper, all the best, all the time. (Retired Mortgage Banker - Lender Consultant) Mortgage and Lending



Edward Cooper
all the best, all the time.
location_on Homewood, IL — Retired Mortgage Banker - Lender Consultant
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When other lenders began calling me to finance their personal purchase and refinance transactions I was honored; I have met numerous  people in the field of residential mortgage lending as peers and as customers.  I am fortunate to be in a position where I am able to help people in a  meaningful way.  Homebuyer education for borrowers and Realtors is a passion of mine, which has  led me to create a Speakers Bureau.  I founded the Speakers Bureau over a decade ago following the establishment of an Affiliates Committee for my local Real Estate board to provide on call presentations on a variety of Mortage finance topics. 

Passion is contagious, I have put together winning Mortgage Loan origination teams in over a dozen locations, trained top customer focused Loan Officers, Mortgage Loan Underwriters, Loan Processors, Loan Closers, and have played a role in bringing affordable, popular loan programs to markets in many midwest states.

Customer service is a priority of mine, after all we are all customers....



In my first job as a mortgage lender I learned a lot, I spent as much time with FHA, VA and FNMA personalities as they would permit and read constantly.  Being a former Marine and a business major I pretty much had a handle on things, I thought...

Be Prepared (always!):  My first job as a residential mortgage lender ended suddenly, a lay off due to a downturn in the market it was the late seventies and mortgage interest rates were moving past 12%, (12% was what Bank's were charging on credit cards back then)!  I immediately got a call from one of my former competitors, they wanted to take a meeting with me.  Deal, I was willing to talk why not I had plenty of time after all.  Another call....it was one of my biggest direct referral clients a formidable real estate company operating in south Chicago and the south suburban markets.  They had caught wind of my pending interview (the walls do talk in real estate) and insisted on sitting in on my interview....OK.  We met at a restaurant (Brown Onion) in South Suburban Chicago, I had a few questions and concerns but I had always been a good student of my competition; thus I knew a lot about the company I was meeting with and the personalities assembled that night.  Once my direct referral clients (a Senior Manager and the Processing Manager) of this fabled real estate company began their questioning it was clear they had done their home work, and had very clear needs to be discussed that were on the table that night (I had covered their needs well) but they recognized that corporate support was paramount if my service levels to them were to continue as they expected, deserved and needed.

This actual recount goes on for a bit, it turned out to be a three hour meeting/final interview. Long story short: I went to work for the Lomas and Nettleton Company after that meeting and enjoyed every minute of my association with Lomas.

My new boss at Lomas and I still are in contact  professionally as occasion permits (he is retired now).  He and another competitor of ours later on in their careers formed another mortgage company, which has attained a measurable local and national presence, this company used a tag line I created while working with them briefly, perhaps you've seen it “Setting the standard by which other Mortgage lenders are measured” that tag line was born that night years earlier at the Brown Onion...

My specialty:  I listen (faster and more than I talk).


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Ed Cooper - Residential Mortgage Lender Ed has been a residential mortgage lender since 1979, and is considered to be an expert in building winning customer focused retail lending teams.