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David Coe
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Get to Know David Coe
David is the founder of Freedom Growth, a company that specializes in real estate investing through self-directed IRAs. As a seasoned real estate agent and investor, David was first introduced to self-directed IRAs while desperately seeking a better way to save for his own retirement. Stunned by the opportunities that self-directed IRAs allowed, David devoted years to mastering the nuances of what is, and more importantly isn’t, possible with this type of investing. These lessons grew into Freedom Growth. Freedom Growth is committed to helping individuals and small business owners around the country build truly diversified retirement portfolios with real estate.
The essence of what Freedom Growth does is help individual investors make cash flow property investments inside their IRAs and 401(k)s. More and more people are disenchanted with the traditional Wall Street investment model and are concerned about the safety of their retirement account funds. When you own property that produces income or cash flow, you have options. That income can be saved, reinvested or spent. So whether you're looking to diversify and protect an old IRA or buy a cash flow property with your disposable capital, Freedom Growth can help.    We specialize in single and mulit-family rentals, real estate notes, trust deed lending, tax liens, land banking, syndications and commercial properties. If it cash flows, we'll take a look at it.

We help our clients invest in passive cash flowing real estate using their IRAs and 410(k)s.