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REV is a brokerage built on a foundation of a low cost structure in order to help Realtors maximize their profits and survive the Real Estate storm. REV is the leading Brokerage in Commission Sched...

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The landscape of business is in the midst of a massive transformation from  wasteful, dead-weighted entities to organizations that are truly alive and contributing to the betterment of the whole.

During the early part of the millennium, Real Estate became so lucrative for Investors, Corporate Brokerages and Homeowners that any service, property or technology related to Real Estate became overpriced and unnecessary. What will follow from this is a massive consolidation or "deflation" of services, brokerages and home prices. The goal of REV is to "revolutionize" the way in which traditional Real Estate practice limits one of its most driving forces; the Realtor.

REV is the leading commission schedule, fee and start up cost leader in the industry.  Our primary focus is to help agents develop their business. We have found the best way to do so is to limit their intial costs. This way they can spend the necessary money promoting and advertising.

Along with these tactics, Rev Realtor shows you how to maximize your promotional investments, cut costs and have a greater ROI than any other Realtors they're competing with.

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REV is dedicated to Realtors. Realtors are our business. We focus on generating new technologies and systems that work for Realtors at no pre-set fee.  We serve as an incubator for self-reliant Realtors who are looking to yield the most profits for every transaction they complete.