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I want you to know that although I am a real estate agent, my job is not to sell you a home or list your home. Instead, I'm here as your "personal counselor" to assist you with  questions, concerns, translate real estate jargon, and make sure you understand the buying and selling process in Colorado. I'll answer questions you have about properties you find on our website, (, a site designed to carry ALL the listings along the front range of Colorado, and to provide you with a place to explore the market, compare values, and understand the process, without sales pressure of any kind. Then, when it's time to look at homes, I'll put you in touch with a specially trained agent who's an expert in the area and price range you've chosen, and who will represent YOU and your interests, not those of the seller. Finally, a place to look for homes with no pressure, no hassles, and a neutral party to answer your questions.

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Buying and selling real estate is stressfull enough. At we firmly believe that knowledge is power. We also believe that you should a have place to ask all your questions about real estate without any pressure to buy or sell. We believe that you should  be able to explore all the listings from every company, save the ones that interest you the most, and gather information about the buying and selling process in Colorado without pressure, and without feeling that you're wasting a real estate agent's time.  We all know that there's tons of information out there - sometimes it sems like there's too much. In fact, a recnt Google search for "Colorado Real Estate" got more than 49,000,000 responses! 49,000,000!!! Instead of going shopping right away, doesn't it make more sense to step back for a minute, make sure you know what all that information means and how it applies to your situation and then find a way to use it to your advantage? Hey, I understand why agents want you in the car - I did it myself for 17 years! It's because they don't make a penny unless you buy or sell a house,  so many of them want to get you into "shopping" or "listing" mode as soon as possible.  Now, I'm not here to criticize real estate agents. The vast majority of them are highly ethical, professional, and extremely knowledgable. The problem is that the competiton is so steep (there's no shortage of Realtors), and the pressure to keep the bills paid is so enormous, (as it is for most of us), that there's often not enough time to properly consult with you and make sure that you're seeing properties that will work for you and your lifestyle. That's why we created We want to have a real estate experience that feels totally pressure free - where you know that there's no such thing as a stupid question (well, OK, there are a few, but we're happy to answer those, too), and where when the time is right, we can recommend a specially trained, highly experienced Realtor who's job it is to represent you and protect your rights. Then you can feel totally comfortable when you get in the car, and home buying (or selling) can be a fun and exciting experience for you.