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If you can research a loan on your own you may save your self alot of money!

Check out you county web sites for "rural development loans"


I have had a very difficult time finding loans and refinancing for manufactured homes especially for those that sit on axles.


If your home can be moved almost no bank will refinance it. ( In California) that is.


If you are thinking of buying a manufactured home you have to realize that the value of these homes do not fluctuate along with real property


A good way to find out directly if you can match with a bank that will give you a loan is to do the following:



Go on Google and type in your fico score your debt to income ratio

and hit the search button. The banks that wil consider you will pop up.

Ask the loan officer of the bank if they charge "back end point" this means will  you be paying the loan officer a fee?


Most of the time when you call just a bank and not a broker there are no "back end points". Try to get in credit uniuns that give back to the community and are usually reasonable with their rates.

The positive aspect of using a broker or independent loan officer is that

the loan officer has time to do all this research for you

the loan officer can access a data base that show him or her  what banks will loan to whom according to their  fico score and debt to income ratio and ofcourse employment history.

If you need to find out how to calculate your debt to income ratio

you can just google it type in "calculate debt to income ratio" or dti, once you have your debt to income ratio figured out you can find the bank that can help you.


Finding a loan and the right bank are very time consuming and if you are able spend the time and effort to do it your self you can save your self thousands of dollars.

I would not recommend trying to get a loan if your fico is in the low 600s  a broker can tell you they can help you still to get in the home you want. Do not bite as everyone should know  banks will charge you up the a** for doing this for you. Instead work on your credit and get it in the low 700s.  Get rid of all your debt and only allow your credit to be checked when you have an idea of your credit score. You can check your credit once a year for about 5.00 through experian.

If a third party is checking your credit it can cost you up to $30.00

It is not worth it if you know you have unpaid bills or no credit.

Take control and know your situation before you start shopping around.

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