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   I am a 15 year veteran of the housing industry. I have a unique perspective of the home buying process, having worked as a contractor, a builder, a mortgage broker and banker. My work experience has helped to develop my professional abilities and the calm, assertive manner in which they are applied. I understand that there are opportunities and advantages in any market and in any market condition. Your best advantage as a perspective homebuyer is to find a seasoned mortgage professional with the knowledge and ability to put your home ownership plans into action.
   WR Starkey's focus on hiring only the top individuals in the industry shows that they are a company that stands behind those mortgage professionals and that we are truly a, "different kind of company... where people come first."
We develope and avidly maintain a small company mentality even as we grow to be one of the top mortgage originators in the country. We never want to lose sight of our values and the importance of the individual.

   Integrity, Character and Commitment are the cornerstones of my business. I believe that the home buying process should be about building trusting relationships and helping my clients achieve their home ownership goals with simple, sensible financial solutions.

I invite you to experience the WR Starkey difference!

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Fixed and Adjustable Rate Mortgages

Fixed rate loans
If you prefer the stability of a fixed payment over the life of the loan, we offer fixed rate loans with a wide variety of terms, including a 15, 20, 30 and 40-year.

Fixed Period ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage, 3/1, 5/1, 7/1 or 10/1)
A Fixed Period ARM offers buyers the stability of a fixed rate for the specific fixed period selected. The interest rate and monthly payment adjusts every 12 months after the fixed period.

Interest-Only Loans
Interest only options are available in various loan programs, fixed, fixed-period ARM, etc. Borrowers can make interest-only payments for a limited period with the option to pay higher amounts to pay down the principal. After the completion of the interest-only period, borrowers will be required to pay principal + interest, which may result in a significantly higher monthly payment.

Low down payment loans

House America® loan
An innovative program designed to help more people realize the dream of homeownership. A versatile home loan designed to address a variety of financial situations, whether it's lack of cash for a down payment, lack of traditional credit history, or non-traditional sources of income.  

FHA/VAWith little to no down payment, no cash reserves, and more flexible qualifying criteria, an FHA or VA loan can offer benefits to help qualified borrowers into the home of their dreams.

Low DocumentationWe offer low documentation programs for qualified borrowers with excellent credit. Fast & Easy purchase for qualified buyers and Fastrack for previous customers wanting to reduce their rate and terms.

Additional home financing solutions

Second Homes / Investment Homes
A variety of affordable ways that may make buying a second home or investment property possible, including fixed and adjustable rate mortgages and reduced documentation.

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)
Qualified borrowers can access the available equity in their home with a Home Equity Line of Credit - a line of credit with an interest-only payment option for either the first five or ten years. State restrictions apply.

Reverse Mortgages
A reverse mortgage can be a great way for qualified homeowners who are at least 62 years of age to access the equity in their homes. With a reverse mortgage, you continue to own your home andrepayment is not required until all Borrowers no longer reside in the property. At that time, the loan may be paid off either through the sale of the house, from other assets from the owner's estate, or by refinancing with a traditional mortgage. The Borrower or heirs will owe no more than the appraised value of the home at that time. Reverse mortgages from Bank of America are funded and administered by Bank of America.


We are truly a "different kind of company... where people come first." *Closed in 8 business days lately? I invite you to experience the WR Starkey difference!