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Angelo Cusinato
CRMS, CMC, Mortgage Specialist NMLS # 207204
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NMLS # 132763
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What type of mortgage makes sense?  Fixed rate mortgage like my parents?  Adjustable rate mortgage for a lower payment and to be able to afford more now?  Reverse mortgage so I can remain independent in my own home?  Selecting the RIGHT mortgage is critical.  Finding the right mortgage source for information presented in a way that makes it easy to understand is critical to making the right selection.  It is not brain surgery but if you make a mistake, it will be costly.  My clients don't feel the pain of mistakes.  They feel that by working with me, they have taken the right steps to protect their investment.  Now, my clients call me to buy homes throughout Illinois, as well as those who have left to live in Colorado, Florida & Wisconsin.

Accountants, attorneys, bankers, and parents all offer mortgage advice to future home buyers.  I started my career as an accountant (CPA) and offered advice based on my experiences and education.  As questions concerning investments and financial planning required more research I improved the value of my advice and became a CFP.   I found that even with the best advice I could not know for sure if the advice would result in adequate college funding or retirement comfort because of the years it would take to evaluate success.  I needed a more satisfying way to use my skills.  Opportunity knocked and I became a part-time loan officer.  While I expected that the mortgage clients would become financial planning clients, I found that by incorporating my skills, my mortgage clients appreciated my broad approach toward evaluating their mortgage selection.  They appreciated that I asked specific questions to help them determine their prioities and longer term objectives.  They recognized that I brought financial planning and income tax considerations into this very important decision.  They were pleased that after they closed, they found that by working with me they obtained the right mortgage at the right rate and at the right cost.  No surprises, no bait and switch, no second thoughts.  Best of all, from start to finish, everything fell in place as promised.  And now I have a very satisfying way to use those skills - helping families reach the American Dream. To see the tax savings from home ownership or to better understand the mortgage process or mortgage terms, see my website at

So how do I share our success?  $50,000 paid out to charities & $15,000 paid out in scholarships. I can honestly say that I love my job! 



"Top 2% for client satisfaction" says the Chicago Magazine as it awards Angelo Cusinato the FIVE STAR MORTGAGE PROFESSIONAL for the third straight year!

Clients say - "... best rates, excellent advice and outstanding service", "... they did it better and faster.", "... extremely grateful for the expertise, patience and understanding during a chaotic time for us.", "my banker promised me a loan and couldn't deliver, I'm so glad that Angelo was there to bail us out."

Realtors say - "If I can offer my clients not only a mortgage expert but a financial planning expert that is in the top 1/2% of mortgage brokers, the value I provide by clients increases,"  "... clients always thank me for recommending you.", "... since 1987 ... my one and only mortgage broker, always available ... professional, has never let my clients or me down.", "... his knowledge of the mortgage business is second to none.", ... great rates, low costs, fabulous service."

Angelo says - " With each purchase, I help a family reach their goal of home ownership.  With each refinance, I help them improve their cash flow or solve a problem.  Please let me help you through this important step toward your financial future.


My current awards are...   Mortgage Broker President's Award


My skills are...   I take the time to educate my clients.  Mortgage lending is not brain surgery so there is no excuse for not understanding the process or the program options.  


Mortgage Pro not an order taker. Licesed in IL, FL, CO & WI. $500 million in mortgage originations, CRMS, CMC & Integrity Seal (USA top 1/2%) as well as CPA & CFP designations & MBA Viet Nam