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Have you decided to take that next step? "Growth means change and change involves risk, stepping from the known to the unknown." George Shinn

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Before jumping into the real estate industry, I was a certified Honda Sales Professional. For my nearly 22 years with Bellevue Honda, I was a member of the Honda Council of Leadership for Outstanding Sales and Customer Satisfaction - This is American Honda’s Highest Award.

My Father - my best friend - was a doctor.  He was an old-style physician in that he actually made house calls. Sometimes on weekends when I got older he would take me with him. He taught me to drive by age 13 and showed me by example how to treat people.

Every month we got meat from the butcher and bread from the bakery. He gave most of the goods away because he never wanted to waste food. He used to say “Eat everything on your plate, people in other countries are starving.”

This is how I do business today, going the extra mile out of my way for my clients and giving back to my community. I am my father’s son and I carry the same values: humanity and sense of purpose to my every client and transaction. And I make sure my father would be proud of me with every action I take.

Guidance you can trust - A whole new approach to Real Estate.


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Lifetime Seattle Resident--graduate from Mercer Island High School--I fancy myself as a good BBQ cook--I love sitting on the beach and watching the tide come in. I love reading a good book, having a good
laugh and seeing a movie with a good plot. I believe a little humor makes life more enjoyable and can keep you going when times get rough.

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