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Continuing to search for options to keep everything neat & tidy, I came across another vendor that can help people sort everything. At times, this can be a relationship assist, as some people don't notice, while their husbands/wives/partners sure do notice the clutter. Someone I know works with p...
I've not posted for a week, but I've been searching like a maniac through my notes for a post I'd made. Either the heavens are in retrograde, or my mind is in a fog. The former removes control from us mere mortals, the latter removes sanity from my grasp. Anyhow, I'll simply re-write my thoughts....
 If you live here, you know; and if you don't, it's a pseudo-secret. TV shows & movies portray a laid back, albeit thrilling life in this town. But the travel agents also point out the local attractions, including museums & theater. This area also has a very educated populace, which shows in boo...
A few weeks ago, Forbes published it's list of most congested cities.  Oh joy, we made the list!  Washington, DC made the list at #1.Hardly newsworthy to the locals, and this does help those on the Washington Metro understand why they are packed in tight, the system averaging 800,000 riders daily...