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It was a fender bender.  We were in town and stopped at a traffic light waiting for the "arrow" to signal we could turn left when the car across from us began to roll forward (not really speed, but like taking off from a stop when the light turns green), but she didn't maintain her lane, almost r...
I can't say that at some point I didn't sort of hope one of our children would want to get into real estate.  Nope. Just didn't happen.  However I did know from the time she was a wee little girl that my daughter would end up in the medical profession helping people. While most little girls were ...
Most of the time when I write a post about marketing I will preface it with "this is my opinion and what works for me" because I realize that not all things work for all people.  But for the love of all that is good in this world, NEVER ever buy Facebook likes.  I had a conversation with a a fell...
I had a conversation with someone about the scope of my job last week.  I talked about the fact that 20 years ago I had "secret" book with all the listings and people came to me to find out the secret and I helped them pick the best house for them.  But in the time that has past I've grown as has...
This is a twist on a Throw Back Thursday.  The little bit on the left is my daughter back in the fall of 1988 when Georgia Football started and on the right is photo of her little bit watching his first GA game with Grammy.  He didn't get to see the braves tonight with this west coast nonsense.  ...
Can't believe our little dude is 5 months old today. He's such a joy and very good natured and happy baby.  he hasn't started using words just yet, but he always smiles for his Grammy when I see him.  I tell them all the time to say "I love Grammy".  His favorite thing right now is his dog. He is...
Well, let's start with the trivial.  Google was incorporated 20 years ago today on September 4, 1998. And the fact that it hadn't been incorporated and wasn't well known or known at all is the very reason (Google meetups hadn't been invented yet)  I was in a Yahoo chat room that morning waiting f...
Back in 1994 the year got my license... it took weeks to do.  And I don't mean the classes (which were not available to me on line at the time), that took months.  But on June 17th I sat up late and watched the slow OJ chase on TV and then took my test the next morning at GA state college in down...
When Abigail was a tiny thing her favorite tv show was wheel of fortune. She would watch from her swing before she was mobile, but as soon as she was crawling or scooting around in her walker she would come flying to the television when the music started. Her first sentence was "buy a vowel" (no ...

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