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It is said the devil is in the details. I couldn't agree more. Quality work is found in the little things, the details the person has taken time to add or complete. The details in the house's construction are what I look at when inspecting. There are times when I have just stop to admire someone...
Having worked on my own car often when I was younger, I have noticed through the years, the automobile has gone from a simple machine to a vehicle rivaling the space shuttle in complexity. It used to be you would open the hood and there was the engine. Now when you open the hood you have to push ...
There is nothing more relaxing to me than sitting beside a tranquil pond on a lazy summer day. The humid air breezeless, the sounds of birds and insects seem to float through the thick atmosphere. I have inspected many houses where the owners have put in a back yard oasis complete with a little p...
Birds joyously chirp welcoming the day Butterflies blossom bouncing, sweet nectar the play Dragonflies insanely zipping, breaking the quiet air Mosquitoes hunkering down beware The waters sultry riffles enthused by the sunA summer morning has begun
Nothing lasts forever. New things however look like they will stand up to time. In our minds we know this is not true, yet suspending reality for a moment to admire newness, to relish in the glitter, can not be avoided. It's just too much fun. Another belief with something new is that it is well ...
Nature's strict and can be a real bitch. We humans have been trying to corral and tame the natural world for as long as human history exists. Archeologist say one of the first and most significant leaps for humans was when we learned to make and use fire. Our most recent accomplishment would have...
Stranger than fiction or so it's said. As a home inspector in Connecticut, I happen upon the strange and unusual, and dare I say innovative, at least several times a month. The mind it is also said works in strange and unusual ways or am I mixing up my adages. No matter, the creativity of people ...
Being a home inspector means that I am not an specialist in any one area. Home inspectors are generalist. Now there are some inspectors I know that hold trade licenses and therefore would be considered an expert. That would not be me however. Since I am a generalist, I have to be careful not trea...
I was recently contacted by a homeowner who was seeking direction and advice on maintaining his home. He was in a quandary over suggestions he had received related to preventing ice damming. His concern stemmed not from the snow and ice damming that occurred around the area in the winter of 2010 ...
Inspecting the exterior portion of a townhouse style condo recently, I noticed a few bright streamers attached to the corner of the building flapping in the early morning breeze. My first thought was, someone has left their Christmas decorations up a little long. As I walked around the exterior I...

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