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Contrary to popular belief attic ventilation is not a panacea for condensation or other moisture related problems that occur in cold climate attics In the colder months of the year while venturing into attics, it is not uncommon for me to find condensed moisture or frost present on the roof sheat...
Water and soil can combine to create an irresistible forceConcrete or "cinder" block foundation walls are fairly common here in Connecticut. The building industry refers to these blocks as concrete masonry units or CMUs. Modern foundation construction in this State will typically use poured concr...
School teaches us that 1 + 2 = 3, but A + B may not inevitably cause C Logic, Webster’s defines the word as a science that deals with the principles and criteria of validity of inference and demonstration : the science of the formal principles of reasoning. Logic is said to be a science and scien...
 Humidifiers and heating systems, a misunderstood and often misused combinationInspecting houses in the cold climate of Connecticut, forced air systems equipped with humidifiers are very common to find. The purpose of the humidifier is said to be that a forced air heating system “dries out the ai...
On first look things may not be what they appearAge and experience should teach us that what we see may not be in fact what we get. While performing a home inspection an incorrect or hasty conclusion could be cause for more than embarrassment. Fortunately, most often a red faced retraction is the...
Extraordinary effort should be the execution of good planning Results are typically valued above all else and with good reason. Yet the value of effort shouldn’t be over looked, at least in some situations. When it comes to the construction of houses, solid design and building practices carried o...
Rubber stamped; a phrase that characteristically has a negative connotation meaning an action or product hasn’t been scrutinized for quality, safety and or appropriateness. On the converse side, a stamp or marking can mean that exactly those qualities are present. Construction material ratings an...
Getting tied up has its advantages We have all been there, done that, seen it, got the T shirt. A meltdown, conniption, temper tantrum. Frustration boils over and you or your child or your parent, becomes an uncontrolled, spewing Mount Vesuvius of rage. When one reaches this point, it is said the...
Looking ahead, a downturn is imminent The real estate market has been in a historic decline now for years, although that seems to be changing. Foreclosures and short sales have been a large part of transactions. One constant that I have witnessed in spite of a poor market is that a nice, well kep...
 Blind devotion can put you on the losing sideFanaticism is typically associated with political extremism or sports. Seems like a pair of odd bedfellows. Although if you have met a die hard sports "fan", you know it's really not that far of a stretch. I for a time was a sports fan, but my team wa...

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