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Laundry rooms are known to be pretty disorganized, but that doesn’t have to be the case.  For many Tampa home builders, the laundry room is a low priority, but here are some tips to make this space more functional. Make good use of the vertical space with hanging rods or drying racks Layout the s...
Can 100 million coffee drinkers around the world be wrong?  With over 400 billion cups of coffee consumed each year (yes, that’s Billion), I guess it was time to throw this group a bone and give them their very own day. Those numbers are overwhelming to me.  So who are these folks?  Well, believe...
Seemingly straight out of State Farm’s marketing manual, today is National Good Neighbor Day.  It’s a pretty recent holiday that got established in 2003, but Presidents since Nixon have acknowledged it.  So what should you do today?  How about something simple like a friendly smile and hello to y...
It’s not like these are the only siding options available.  There are plenty of brick, stone and other options, but most Tampa home builders offer these two options.  Now for many people, this isn’t really much of a decision.  The style they want drives the siding.  Mediterranean homes require st...
In the past few years, there have been a variety of devices introduced to the market that monitor electric usage within homes.  I’ve looked at these from time to time, but have recently decided it’s time to jump in and try one on my personal home. To my knowledge, no home builders in Tampa have d...
We recently had a chance to talk with Ken Sale from BB&T.  Ken specializes in construction financing for new homes in Tampa.  Even he’ll baulk at the “genius” label, but he’s pretty darn smart when it comes to construction lending.  So we asked him some of the most common questions that we are as...
This is a common question for folks that are considering all their options in the housing market.  They talk with Tampa home builders about new homes while they look at the existing homes that are listed for sale.  At some point, usually when initial purchase prices are comparable, the thought tu...
It seems like there are Top 5 or Top 10 lists for everything.  I’m guilty of doing our fair share of them in this blog.  I have to admit that I was hesitant to do this list.  The thought of listing reasons why people wouldn't want to build with us...well that seemed counter productive.  Once I go...
It comes each September 19th, and I think we need it this year more than ever.  Come on, it’s really easy, fun and completely mindless.  Plus, it gets us back in pirate speaking shape for Gasparilla, which is still several months away.  There is basic pirate speak – Ahoy, Aye and Arrr! Move up to...
We just completed the photo shoot today at this home for Housetrends magazine's next issue.  It's a wonderful home for some exceptional owners.  Below is a brief video tour.  Hope you enjoy it and look for the article in the upcoming issue of Housetrends Tampa Bay.


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