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I'm solidly on record as being a proponent of gas in new homes, but I'm often asked what the difference is between natural and propane gas.  Well the first difference is that natural gas must be delivered to the home through underground utility pipes, but unlike water, electric, phone and cable, ...
As this long Memorial Day weekend approaches, each of us will likely be enjoying picnics and BBQs as we begin the official first weekend of summer.  For many of us, the "Memorial" in Memorial Day is forgotten and ignored.  It is a day that was born out of the horror of the Civil War, when more th...
I recall hearing a story recently about a builder who built a custom home for a professional race car driver.  The driver was ranked number one in the world the year he built the home.  Early in the homebuilding process, the builder couldn't understand why it was so unsettling for the customer if...
This question always reminds me of Red Riding Hood.  Both grama and Red Riding Hood were right to be afraid of the Big Bad Wolf.  Fortunately, Change Orders don't have big hands, ears or teeth.  And contrary to many rumors, they won't eat you.  No, you shouldn't be afraid of a Change Order - if i...
I know that may sound harsh, but it's the reality of custom homebuilding in Tampa and St. Petersburg.  Many of my builder colleagues tell me they have been working with the same electrician, cabinet guy or carpenter for years.  Our suppliers and subcontractors will tell me how so and so builder h...
I came across this saying recently that "The Purpose of Business is To Create and Keep a Customer".  I remember it from my classes years ago when I thrashed my way through college.  Back then I recall that this seemed like such a simple, obvious statement that I didn't give it much thought.  As a...
I guess we can give Charlie Sheen some credit for revitalizing this "winning" thing, but the full credit for this famous quote goes to Vince Lombardi.  He was the master of motivating sports quotes.  To me, it is more than an overused quote from my high school sports coaches.  It has really becom...
I always see plenty of Top 5 or Top 10 lists of items you "Must Have" for your home.  Actually, I think I've written a couple myself.  I couldn't recall a list of items you didn't need, so I figured it was time to write about a few of the things that we think you can do without.  Before I started...
This past week my daughter was the art teacher for the day at her school.  We won it for her at the school auction because we know how much she loves painting and being creative.  So all weekend, we heard how much she enjoyed it and it got me thinking just how important painting is for a new home...
We will be having an Open House this Sunday, the 15th, from 1-4pm at 1120 S. Dunbar Ave.  It is a wonderful custom home that we recently completed.  The owners have graciously allowed us to show the home prior to their move in.  It is a great example of our work.  We look forward to seeing you.


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