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"Director, Industry Relations – Mortgages ZILLOW.COM" Highlights of the ad: The Director, Industry Relations – Mortgages will report to the president of Zillow. Responsibilities: • Identify, develop and manage key account relationships • Develop and drive new business initiatives to support our p...
Get ready for this years premier event at NAR's National Convention in Vegas!  Initially we were planning on sponsoring a booth at the Realtor expo, but in true Rainer style I decided to spend the booth sponsorship money on throwing a party instead.  The cocktail party will be hosted in my suite,...
Bob taught me something over the weekend. He showed me that it is better to be genuine and truthful and possibly upset your customers, than it is to placate them when they are wrong. On the surface, it is often much easier to give into a customers demands and "make it all better", than it is to s...
I am officially declaring that Dixie Chicks music is a blog killer. It is technically impossible to write cohesive thoughts while listening to the Dixie Chicks. My favorite artists for good blog writing are:  Imogen Heap  Feist Regina Spektor Snow Patrol Chris Tomlin Dido and some songs from Swit...
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Please read this post on hugh macleod's blog, Don't let the cartoon on the top throw you. It has nothing to do with the post. Excerpt: "If your company wants to succeed, it needs to have a social object marketing plan.Amen to that. But note what Chris also says:I don't know about ...
No, that image to the left is not my office. It is just a close approximation of the image in my head of the office I think I should have as a web entrepreneur. I am always surprised when I see the workspace of a successful blogger, real estate agent, or web based business person. Typically I hav...
You hear it all the time, "ActiveRain really doesn't have a lot of consumer traffic.".  Well at least I hear it all the time. Usually I don't offer too much of a rebuttal, I just shrug and offer a little crooked smirk. However, in celebration of hitting over 1 Million visits to the
On Sept 26 Foxtons announced it had filed bankruptcy and would be auctioning off all of it's assets. This announcement was to the chagrin of some of it’s clients, as one of their key assets was their listing contracts. After a week of legal battling between Foxton’s clients and the bankruptcy tru...