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Just wanting to educate people: Always looking out for your best interest. In regards to lending, I am very creative, intuitive, honest, and one who communicates information, may it be good or bad. I am a loan officer that looks out for your best interest.



  I guess I bleed red, white, and blue in so many ways. After 911, which was very devastating to so many of us, I think it was a wake up call to so many of us. Telling us that we are not safe on our own soil and that we need to make a stand to anyone that threatens us, our family's, and our home...
As I get older, I have a philosophy that we should worry about ourselves and not what others do. I believe that if we are going to help others, that it's within our own communities and nothing more than going outside the United States. This doesn't always seem to happen and I could be here all da...
FHA allows for sellers to gift to the buyer part of the equity of the house that they are selling. This is called a gift of equity, but can only work between those that are relatives. This gift can be used for both the down payment and the closing costs. All other FHA guidelines apply to this ty...
 Some of us have our own ideas of fun. For some, a roller coaster could be lots of fun. For others, it could have been a scary experience or possibly one that we never tried. Why not?  Afraid?  Not a risk taker?  Mortgages....   it already sounds boring, doesn't it. So many topics written about ...
Saving money is a great thing in any economy, right?  Don't you like to know about the little secrets of cutting corners? How would you like to save over $500 a month just because you improved your home with energy-efficient ideas. Are you part of the GREEN family now, because not only did you sa...
 With over 38,000 members now, so many to get to know and so little time. Who are some of these people? Would you like to know? Gee, sometimes we don't even know some of our good friends as well as we have gotten to know some here on Active Rain, especially after a meme is written.I will keep sea...
Every year in July, Haddonfield has the Crafts and Fine Arts Festival, which is a 2 day event. It's a nationally ranked event with over 230 fine arts and crafts persons that come to display and sell their work.   Haddonfield's main artery, Kings Highway, is closed down for this 2 day festivity. I...
Word Verifications : Just a question to ponder. When you are asked to type in a word and or bunch of numbers to verify for security measure, do you sometimes have trouble reading the letters? Why is it that they make some long or difficult to see to where sometimes you make a mistake that you hav...
Do you ever not have enough ammunition when heading into battle? Never!! For some of you, I been in the mortgage industry for over 14 1/2 years. To me, that’s a lot of miles per se. I consider myself well versed when it comes to FHA mortgages and I guess you could say an expert on them. But this...
Piecing together your credit can sometimes be confusing. That's why you should always seek a qualified loan officer that is a FHA Expert. In all honesty, credit is not as difficult as it may seem and FHA has made it easier for you to qualify for your dream home. There are just some important fact...

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I just want to educate people about mortgages and the process. In regards to lending, I am very creative, intuitive, honest, and one who communicates information, may it be good or bad. I am a loan officer that looks out for your best interest.