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Just wanting to educate people: Always looking out for your best interest. In regards to lending, I am very creative, intuitive, honest, and one who communicates information, may it be good or bad. I am a loan officer that looks out for your best interest.



  So you found a home that you wish to purchase. Do you have a realtor to help you with your purchase?  What about a reputable lender with a loan officer that is very knowledgeable and able to help you with your financing needs. Well, it sometimes might sound easier than it is and that you would...
 Disclosure : This might be slightly longer than usual. But in order to get this posts full potential, you need to read it all.  In a down market, you will see more lenders come out with gimmicks telling you that they can pay your house down in half the time. They will use such terms as wealth bu...
How do we view ourselves? How does the public view us, our profiles, and anything else that they read?  Are we that desperate to 'rope' the consumers business into our back yard per se by such statements as : "I have the lowest rates"  "We charge no closing costs" "I will get the best price for ...
  FHA mortgages aren't as hard and intimidating as so many have mentioned in the past. Buying your first home, a second home, or even your third home can be intense. If you are a renter, your first step is to see which is better, to rent or own?   Just remember, FHA mortgages are not just for fir...
Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks to all that surround you, may it be family or friends. Something that many of us look forward to each year.What is interesting is how Google markets itself, especially during the holidays. Google's mission statement is, "to organize the world's information and...
 Please welcome Sheri Smith to the Active Rain family. She finally has made the leap from park bench to the Active Rain playing field. After inviting her a few months ago, Sheri Smith finally started her profile. I sat down with her for about an hour introducing her to Active Rain and behind the ...
 Please click onto this song as you read this : Cleopatra - Life Ain't Easy   Life can be funny in so many ways and most importantly, we need to be able to laugh at ourselves. During the good times or the bad times. Staying positive always sounds easy, but as the phrase says, "easier said than do...
  Your credit could be the 'death' of you if not properly watched over. Better yet, if you don't understand how credit works and how it gets reported, this can sometimes hurt you even more. In Part 1 of your credit, Free Credit Report & Credit Repair companies -- BEWARE !!!!! -- Part 1, I stress...
 Has your dream of buying your new home or refinancing your current mortgage been stolen from you because of broken promises?  Mortgages can sometimes be a complex issue and if you aren't speaking to a mortgage professional that will be upfront with you from the start, then you might know what I ...
(Please click onto the song below as you read this) How many times do you here this is free or that is free? There is hardly anything ever free in life. Especially if it is mentioned on a tv commercial. Think about it, commercials cost money and they aren't cheap. One thing that has been a big s...

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I just want to educate people about mortgages and the process. In regards to lending, I am very creative, intuitive, honest, and one who communicates information, may it be good or bad. I am a loan officer that looks out for your best interest.