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Are we really doing all we can do for our customers? Can we truely keep up with the changes coming at us?



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Well today I sit wondering about the past year and especially the past month in regards to my short sales, listings especially. During the month of December I had an especially hard that I mean affected me emothionally and personally.  I had a listing for a short sale $120,000.00 to wh...
I have been meeting with alot of people these days, discussing their options with their home being underwater... I hear many of them indicating that they are speaking to attorneys who say the risk is to great to short sale and that they should just walk away from their home.  I just can't beleive...

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What is the new challenges is the real estate market? Are we really just trying to promote ourselves or are we trying to promote our clients? I mean just lookat our ads... Do we stand out among all the other agents, I don't know about you but i really want to promote my listings and draw attention there not on me.