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EARLY CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR ACTIVE RAIN MEMBERS- FREE ADVERTISING! You MUST respond by tomorrow afternoon, at 2 pm PST, to get in on this. THIS IS NOT A JOKE OR A HOAX! In addition to my mortgage business, I also own a company that provides services to business owners and consumers. One of the serv...
PLEASE READ THE POST BELOW written by MA. real estate agent, Sarah Moore, and please share this with everyone that you know. This is something that EVERYONE needs to be aware of. Safety expert, Gavin de Becker, who has appeared on Oprah numerous times,  has said that we (humans) are the only cre...
You Don't Have Anything To Be Thankful For? The holiday season is rough on some people, and especially when our economy and job market are in such disarray. Sometimes it's easy to sink into a depression, or to at least become negative and dwell on what we don't have, what we don't want, and what...
Don't Be A Turkey... It's Not Healthy This Time Of Year So the holidays are upon us, and you don't know what to get for everyone on your list, right?? Oooh, oooh, pick me! I know the answer! How about giving gifts that affect and fill the hearts of, not only the one whose receiving it, but many, ...
Before You Apply For a Home Loan... Whether you're looking to refinance your current mortgage, or you're in need of a new home loan for a property that you wish to purchase, it will save you time, stress and money if you take care of a few things prior to applying for the loan.Some of the smalles...
Motivational Monday! Why? Because we can all use some motivation to get us through the week. My hope is that you will be inspired and that this provides the impetus for achieving more than you ever thought possible: "The few who do are the envy of  the many who only watch" ~ Jim Rohn
Great blog below written by Virginia real estate agent, Lenn. No matter what political party you are affiliated with, this information should upset you. We need to share this information with others and make them aware that our tax dollars are being abused and taken for granted. After reading thi...
Should You Pay For Closing Costs When You Buy Or Refinance A Property? Well... It all depends. There is no one size fits all answer, although I do have a preference, if all of the options are available, which I will share with you below. There are several factors that you must consider, to determ...
Do You Feel Comfortable Accepting Gifts From Clients? Over the years we have closed hundreds of home loans, some easy, some not so easy. Whether the deal goes smoothly or not, I don't believe that a client should feel bad, or that they were a "pain". After all, we are getting paid for our service...
He Made Me Want To Vomit! The story you are about to hear is true! It is horrifying, yet hysterical! Seriously, this is like a guide to "driving people in the opposite direction from you". Every woman that I've shared this with makes a face and says "eeewwww".And Every man and woman that I've sha...

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