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Most people's largest investment is the home they own and live in.  Why, then, do so many real estate agents put as little information as possible on their listings in the MLS?  The MLS is the first place we, as real estate professionals, turn to when we're searching for homes for a buyer.  With ...
This one is for any of you who have struggled with technology and software issues. The HP Learning Center offers FREE online courses, some of which are ideal for real estate agents and/or their assistants.  I've taken several of these courses over the years and have found them to be helpful.  Mos...
As real estate agents, we have to market ourselves regularly so that we're "top of mind" whenever someone is considering buying or selling a property.  Aside from the typical just listed/just sold (or other) types of postcards, some agents use give-aways such as calendars, magnets and pens to pro...
The Katrina Cottage is certainly an interesting option for those wanting to stay in a hurricane-devastated area while their house is being rebuilt.  It's also a viable option for anyone who wants to enjoy land they've purchased and intend to eventually build their custom home on, but are not read...
I did not take the photo below and I don't know who did (it was 'going around' the Internet awhile back).  I wanted to provide an example of how photo editing can be useful and perhaps even give you a reason to laugh.  Aside from making the "after" shot lighter, can you spot why it's useful to le...
An interesting article in today's MarketWatch suggests that companies (in general, not necessarily real estate companies) are having to spend millions of dollars on improving their particular brand's search engine rankings because Wikipedia has become so successful.  Due to the fact that Wikipedi...
I wish I could say it isn't true, but I find funny and/or embarrassing typos in listings on the MLS on a pretty regular basis.  Here are a few of the ones I've seen: a sinking living room (vs. sunken)walking closet (where is it walking to?)wreck room (rec. room)stainless steal appliancescontract ...
While reading one of the 9/11 blog posts yesterday, I came across an interesting link that made me want to find out more.  The link was to what the Google homepage looked like on 9/11/01, which showed that you could "search 1,610,476,000 web pages".  These were ALL the pages Google had indexed as...
Whether you input your listings yourself into your MLS or your assistant or the office secretary does, it's always a good idea to proofread your listings, preferably soon after they are entered into the MLS and especially if you won't be uploading any photos at the same time the listing is entere...
Neighborhoods with a homeowners association (HOA) have become increasingly popular in recent decades.  There are pros and cons to living in a neighborhood that has an HOA.  One of the aspects of HOAs that affects real estate agents and sellers is whether "for sale" signs are allowed to be placed ...

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