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I am sure you are all very busy with weather changing to Spring.  Who advertises Spring anyways or should we?  The highest number of closing dates statistically are mid april to september right?  So if there is a gap or slowdown on closings in the off season, why aren't there more promotions of a...
U get a call also?  WOW?I am glad these guys are getting my information and trying to sell me on there opportunity from this site???  I thought we were somewhat protected here as I guess any feeding vulture will come out to find you in desperate need of clients & agents money.  After listening to...
How do you block any of the senders from the crap they send you spamming you on outlook?How do you report them as Spam, as I am interested in finding this option out.  If you have an answer, i would appreciate the help.  I can delete them and most of the junk mail comes in the junk mailbox, but h...
Dave WerthKvamme Real Estatehttp://www.newrealestateproperty.com/218-790-7653INTRODUCTIONI want to extend a very special and BIG WARM WELCOME to all of the new subscribers & website visitors!The monthly emailer contains tips and information that will help you become more successful. My personal g...
 Just wanted to comment on the FSBO's.  Are they really a sign FOR HELP when they put the sign up in there yard.  I can't understand the mentality of people that try to sell there home on there own.  First of all, the legalities involved such as Property Condiction Disclosure.  I have contacted s...
I bought leads on Country Wide's website for repos'.  Are any of you doing this or is it worth it?  It is very cheap and inexpensive as each town is only $ .90, yes ninety cents.  But are there more agents using this and how does Countrywide spread the wealth.If you happen to know about this, ple...
Well, when you think you've added all of them to your resume, here comes another one!  So as I was showing houses last evening, I get to the last house and park in a rural development with no curb and gutter so the plows for the snow push everything extra wide as the road looks flat as the snow w...
  http://www.creditz.com/creditz/us/eng/I visited this website surfing the net, and find it extemely cool and capable of many things.  We do not have this in our area, but I see some of the major names involved as it seems like a larger scale item that it appears to be.  Any of you ever hear of t...
 Fargo & Bismarck, ND are both in the top 25 for retun on home investments. Fargo was at about 6% and Bismarck was quite a bit higher ranking 1st in the Nation for Resell value gaining return on your equity.   Fargo Moorhead was the 2nd Fastest growing city in the United States in 2006.  Fargo Mo...
Please pass along this information to anyone you need to get this too!  HOW TO BUY A HUD HOMEGo to BestAssests.comYou might ask, "What is a "HUD Home"?A HUD Home is a home that was previously financed with an FHA insured mortgage and where the owner or borrower of the loan has defaulted on the lo...

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