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As realtors, we tend to sometimes overwork or always be working, so what day do you take off and how extensively?  Such as a weekday, half a day, never, or you have no life, wife, and lots of money?I am trying to figure out what everyone else seems to be doing.  I would almost take that Monday co...
 Just a little help when its slow and your in dire need of clients...  Well, showing houses probably isn't at the top of my list today as the temp with windchill has been negative 30-45 below zero and people are getting anxious with the fed rate cut.  But if you wan't to look at homes, I assume t...
  This was an article I found and should ask everyone pass this around or copy and paste as I had this company call me yesterday as well.  Here is an article everyone needs to be aware of...."  I need to share with you a circumstance that I've been forced to deal with for months now. First I was ...
 In a previous blog, I asked in regards to getting higher rankings on my website.There was a response telling me to get a higher or good ISP.  What is the ISP or what does that mean?  I am pretty good with the net and understand websites and tech., but what does a good ISP have to do with that?  ...
  After going through a number of tech classes over the past 10 years in regards to how to get more hits on your site, I have came to the conclusion it is possible with help from others? Through meta tags, context, correct word phrasing how the bots scroll, are among the top.  But is it possible ...
 Well, well, well,  Time comes and we all need a brand image, or don't we?  After visiting a number of CEU classes the importance was stressed on branding yourself.  The images and examples were a few really good ones, but what if you don't?  Will you be left behind or forgotten if you don't.Ther...
 I am starting to really get active with every website possible for my clients.  I have them actively on about 12 websites with Free Listings for there homes which they absolutely love.  I understand our area is about 93% of buyers starting online as well as I have seen the national averages as w...
  Thanks fror a number of your responses, I would certainly like to understand more if any of you also are having this problem.  Also if you own a Treo, what are the additional capabilities you use for your real estate efforts?I can use my phone for internet, (limited), the property tax informati...
 Hello to all,I am interested in your comments and thoughts as I do not have a tech support at my office.  I am the tech guy working for myself and learning as much as possible each day.   But I have come accross a situation I need your input as well as help if you can. My FLEX MLS system, and no...
 Well, today will be fun showing houses in minus 20 below weather.  My buyers are anxious to look at properties as well as some foreclosures which mind you will not have heat on due to not paying the utilities before the bank had repossessed the homes.  If you are in Florida, you will appreciate ...

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