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VA loans have a variety of fees and costs the borrower should anticipate when budgeting for the loan in the planning stages. Fortunately, VA loan rules offer some guidance and help where some of these fees are concerned; borrower and lender alike should know the following VA rules about brokerage...
A reader asks, "I received a letter from Wells Fargo about the IRRRL Program with a toll free number. I'm not sure what to do or should I even follow up on this. I would like some guidance. Is this a good or bad thing?" It's not for us to say whether a company's advertising or direct mail campaig...
If you're new to your VA home loan benefits, you might be wondering how the loan process works. When you complete an online pre-approval or a VA loan application for new purchase or refinancing loans, what's the sequence of events that happens next? For many borrowers and lenders, there are some ...
A reader asks, "We were looking into buying a Historic Property. Would you think that something approved as historic and well preserved would pass the VA inspection?" We get asked a great many appraisal questions along these lines, and the answer is always the same. When it comes to VA appraisals...
A reader asks, "I have a client who is buying a home with a VA loan, and the sellers and realtors are asking him to pay for the pest inspection. From what I understand, the buyer cannot pay for the inspection himself per VA guidelines. Is this the case?" According to the Cleveland VA Regional Loa...
Today we take a "time out" from our usual posts on VA loans, appraisals, and answering reader questions to remember those in uniform who have given so much. Memorial Day is a time to reflect on what our troops past and present have done to insure our freedom. To all those who currently serve, we ...
A reader asks, “If you had a VA loan years ago and you had trouble in the family and had to let the VA repossess the property, what are your chances of getting another loan  with the VA if you have good credit and good job?” This situation doesn’t have a simple answer because that answer depends ...
One of the very first steps you take when starting on the VA home loan journey is applying for your VA Certificate Of Eligibility. This certificate tells the lender what your status is in the VA loans program, how much entitlement you have to use, and whether or not you are currently exempt from ...
A reader asks, "I have a 2010 Dodge truck at 17 per cent interest. I wanted to see if I could get it refinanced with a VA loan.and get a lower interest rate." This is one of the misconceptions we run into when discussing VA home loans. The basic answer to the reader question is "no". VA loans are...
When you're planning and budgeting for your VA home loan, it's important to take VA loan fees into account. If you've been reading over VA-supplied literature or websites in anticipation of your home loan, you likely already know about the VA loan funding fee, which is a percentage of the loan ba...

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