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I have to admit that when I think “Savannah” and “green”, St. Patrick’s Day is the first thought in my head. I can’t help it. I like a good party. But have no fear. I have started this blog as a resource for YOU! I am sharing my journey through this journal. Savannah needs a consolidated resource so that people can stay updated on what resources are at their fingertips. Fortunately, with the progress of technology and science, it is getting easier and easier to make green choices, but people have to know about them.



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Six months ago, I didn’t know anything about how our homes impact our environment. Let me clarify. Tree-hugger. Hippie. Dirt Worshipper. Nope. Never been called any of those. I don’t even see the environment as a political issue. My thought is that if it was easy and cheap, everyone would be on board with saving the planet from human impact. So my goal is to create a forum where I post what I learn, making it easy for you to learn from my blog. Think global. Act local. Let me show you how.