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I have to admit that when I think “Savannah” and “green”, St. Patrick’s Day is the first thought in my head. I can’t help it. I like a good party. But have no fear. I have started this blog as a resource for YOU! I am sharing my journey through this journal. Savannah needs a consolidated resource so that people can stay updated on what resources are at their fingertips. Fortunately, with the progress of technology and science, it is getting easier and easier to make green choices, but people have to know about them.
So I attended Green Drinks this past week. Very cool. I can honestly say that this is totally my kind of networking group. No one seemed to couple off like other groups I have attended. Everyone was pretty friendly and I actually met a bunch of local folks. Here's the best part about it. Some peo...
I am very excited to announce that after forever of not being able to fit it into my schedule, I am finally going to be able to attend GreenDrinks. I invite all of our Savannah Blog readers to attend and promise to report back on my findings.
Well, I just wanted to take a moment to commemorate my Thursday. Despite the market and all the rumors in the press, I had 2 closings in one day. And no, I didn't sell a couple's home and move them into another. I am talking about 2 real closings. 2 buyers. 2 sellers. 2 listing agents. 2 selling ...
Which is more eco-friendly? A cell phone or a landline? Does anyone have any insight to this? I am guessing a cell phone simply because of lack of wires, but I am sure there are a million facors. Can anyone shed some light on my question?   Just curious....
I love it! I just got back from the store where I pulled my usual "No bags for me please" followed by the usual "You don't want bags?" which I follow with the "No bags please because even if you recycle, it takes more energy to make the recycling take place, so I am making moves to reduce my wast...
So I was so relieved by the peaceful transfer of power yesterday (to use an over-coined term). Did anyone else notice that the news had to dig REALLY deep to pull out negative stories? ABC went so far as to find some family that had the last name McCain to get their take on the Inauguration. The ...
So with all of my research and learning in the past 6 months, a hovering cloud of irritation has settled over my office for 6 months. Let's face it. There are things we can change and things we can't change and then there are phone contracts. So I have been living out the last 6 months of a ridic...
Well, for my regular subscribers, I must apologize that I have fallen off the blog wagon. An interesting business opportunity was thrown my direction and I caught it. On June 30, 2008, I purchased my brokerage, which makes me the agent/owner/manager of !Daley Real Estate in Savannah Georgia. My b...
Well, I am looking to help my office go "greener". I need things that are cost effective and simple for people (i.e. anyone in my office) to implement. What would be your suggestions? How do I get the most bang for the buck? I will let you know how it goes....... Until next time, Kelly question m...
Okay, so I am on vacation this week and between the snacks and convenience of relaxing, I have gone through so much more trash than what is normalor my life. It seems that everything I am consuming is an "individual" pack or that we are using disposables to reduce our work while we are on vacatio...

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Six months ago, I didn’t know anything about how our homes impact our environment. Let me clarify. Tree-hugger. Hippie. Dirt Worshipper. Nope. Never been called any of those. I don’t even see the environment as a political issue. My thought is that if it was easy and cheap, everyone would be on board with saving the planet from human impact. So my goal is to create a forum where I post what I learn, making it easy for you to learn from my blog. Think global. Act local. Let me show you how.