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Foreclosures - good or Bad?Many think that foreclosures are good deals for an investment.  Many are looking for foreclosures.  Recently, I noticed in the Dallas Morning News that some real estate agents have even started taking potential buyers on tours of foreclosed homes.Several problems follow...
This article published on the internet from CNN is stating that this may be the best time to buy a house in more than four years. Many future home buyers are sitting on the fence waiting for a better deal to come along and they will lose out.  The interest you pay on your mortgage is the majority...
With Spring beginning to peek around the calendar, I believe we will a greater selection of homes coming on the market, especially historical in nature.  It is time to start looking to find a home or list your home.McKinney has some exceptional homes on the market now and will have even a greater...
Bill Trice, located here in McKinney,TX.  sent these new mortgage rates to me.  They are the lowest they have been in years. What a great time to sell as the rates are right.  Turning that around, what a great time to buy as rates are excellent.April and May will be barn burners as historically, ...

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The blog details Historical Homes in general and specific homes in McKinney, Texas. Also shown are events that may be entertaining or informational about the Historical Neighborhood Homeowners association.