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The thought Now that I've been in the business for five years I really enjoy giving back. I came into Real Estate from my career as a pharmacist. I only get to work in the pharmacy maybe once/twice a week and kind of miss that part of direct contact where I know I'm helping someone right away. I ...
After watching the movie 'Pursuit of Happyness' I thought about the Rubik's cube and then didn't give it another thought again. There are about 43 quadrillion possibilities which is why maybe it's a bit tough. I found this great video on YouTube that really shows a great solution and it's really ...
Business Coaching ... I just came back from our Mastermind event with Buffini and Company and I feel so much better and so inspired. I guess that it's so easy to become myopic in this market and look at the losses but now as I have my steady stream of wins offsetting these losses I feel it seems ...
I love getting up in frontĀ of a crowd and helping more people find and sell homes. I wanted to see if anyone else had experience with buying or selling seminars? How do they work for you and how have you integrated them into your lead generation or service plan? I put out CD's and ask for $10 jus...
I'm thinking about getting my MBA, I've seen a couple of distance (online) programs out there and I like Colorado State University for their DVD's that they send, out University of Nebraska for their alumni network and their program but no DVD and I like Arizona State for bringing people on campu...
Back from Vacation - As I just got back from vacation (actually a conference in Florida) but nonetheless there was a beach involved I was wondering if the first thing I do is the best thing I could be doing? I wanted to know how other Realtors and lenders start their week? What do you do and when...
I began in real estate a while back and I was doing ok because I had a job as a pharmacist. Then when I went to become a Realtor I did it gradually, and my income from real estate was just bonus. However, I eventually phased out the pharmacy job because of tunnel syndrome in both of my arms and u...

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I really love the personal finance spect of both buying and selling a home and being a Realtor. Both can be great if done correctly and both can create tremendous heartache. While I don't always like riding the roller coaster, I do find that helping others and learning from others is the best part. It also comes down to marketing, who couldn't use another 3 transactions? I love helping others get there!