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What They Are, How to Acquire Them & Everything Else a Realtor Needs to Know No matter which line of work it is that you are in, you naturally would want to stay on top of things. This means having all the tools and information that you need at your disposal. The same thing applies when it comes ...
Was here ever any doubt?We have reached a critical mass in the real estate industry. The belief that land will appreciate forever, that traditional marketing works, and that your sphere of influence will support your business has been shattered. For if this sub-prime meltdown has taught us anythi...
12/09/2008 This is the real deal.    
Hello Everybody,We have been using Facebook over a year now to effectively reach our target audience of consumers.To refer to the type of people we want to specfically reach please refer to our latest blog post: Facebook you can create advetisements,...
I am assuming that all of you are providing a superior service, targeting a specified niche market area. Otherwise, you will not last in the Real Estate industry - now more than ever. But what about targeting a niche person? Someone in a specific profession, age group, or demographic that has clo...
1. People are becoming long on cash and are liquidating their equity holdings. 2. People need to invest this money in a tangibe asset something they can see, touch, smell etc. 3. People are seeing the bottom of the housing bust. 4. They are not making any more land, and people are frightened of t...
  Leads in Real Estate are easier in obtaining than you may think. Great leads are just around the corner, but you need to get there first. The key to getting those real estate leads lies in the the fundamental technique of prospecting. Often, we as realtors fail to recognize what is good busines...
The 30 Day Challenge is well underway. Last summer I utilized this 100% free course to obtain the most effective techniques to market my business online. For Realtors out there, this means that you can use your existing online presence, or create a new one to produce Real Estate Leads that add to...
Today marks the beginning of the Thirty Day Challenge. This is the single most important thing you can do for your Real Estate business online right now. Trust m, this is what you have been looking for. This will take you from being a beginner to being an expert on what it takes to generate busin...
The folks over at 1000 Watt have re-designed their Real Estate 2.0 Mind Map. If you use the Internet to promote your business this should be your bible. You can find it by clicking below: Or here.

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